What is a Doula?  A question I was asked by many when we finally became pregnant with our double rainbow baby.  Support, expertise, understanding, compassion… just some of the many qualities you will find in a Doula.

After a lengthy conversation with Carol Anne full of insightful information, laughs & many other emotions I just knew it was going to be a perfect fit for us. 

I had been following “Lifetime of Love Doula” on Instagram since my 1st pregnancy and really appreciated the content they were posting.  So once we became pregnant with our double rainbow baby, I decided to reach out. 

Over the many weeks that followed, I always felt like I could send a message, call or reach out anytime with any questions or uncertainties we were faced with.  Sure enough, at 16 weeks we were faced with another scare – what we thought was another miscarriage.  I couldn’t bear the thought of physically & emotionally going through another miscarriage, but after finding out a fibroid was the culprit for what I was going through, Sarah was there to ensure I was doing well and even provided some tips on “taking the edge off”.

Fast forward to our due date

Fast forward to our due date (and the actual day our little Mini decided to make his appearance), Carol Anne was there helping me breathe through all my contractions, and helping my other half stay calm through the whole process.  That for me was REALLY important. 

You see, when you’re about to become a first time parent, the process of birth is so full of unknowns.  How much pain will I be in? Will I need an epidural? Will I birth naturally or end up needing a c-section? Is my partner gonna pass out?   

Thankfully, with the help of Carol Anne, NO my hubby didn’t pass out (unless you consider napping just that)? LOL! Next thing we knew, a little human, our double rainbow baby had finally joined us in the world and the emotions were BEYOND words.

From the bottom of our hearts, we are so beyond grateful for such a pleasant experience with Carol Anne & Sarah.  If we were to ever become pregnant again, we wouldn’t think twice about including this incredible duo in our journey!