We initially started looking for a doula to be present for the labour and birth of our little baby girl because we were worried my husband wouldn’t be in town when things started to roll.  Having no other family in town, I would have been all by myself. When the day came, thank goodness, he was home but we couldn’t imagine the whole process happening without the help of Carol Anne and Sarah. 

We had planned a home birth and as these things go…it didn’t go as planned. After 24 hours of labour, trying everything the midwives and doulas suggested we did end up in the hospital for a cesarean section delivery. I was terrified but as the main roll for my doulas, they stayed and provided invaluable emotional, educational and physical support. 

We will forever be thankful for all they did for us over those many hours and the postpartum care as well.

Although the delivery didn’t go as planned, there are so many positives we can take away from the delivery of our little babe. Kallie is a very healthy breastfed baby after a few tweaks from these two to get us with a good latch!

Jessica, Mark & Kallie