Understanding Sleep (6 months & beyond)

Everyone talks about how newborns do not sleep, and the sleep deprivation of those early days is almost a guarantee. But no one explains how most babies and families struggle with sleep for the first year, and beyond! As your baby gets older, you may be facing more and more pressure for them to sleep independently and to sleep through the night. We are told the answer is to let our babies cry it out.  But for many parents, this does not sit right with them and they wonder if there are other ways to support their babies sleep.

So…is it possible for babies to sleep better without separation based sleep training?

Yes, and we are going to show you how.

Join us along with our resident sleep coach, Aidan Black-Allen as we dispel myths and help you regain your confidence in supporting your child’s sleep. Aidan’s strategies do not include any kind of crying alone. We will show you how by addressing quick wins with your child’s sleep routines you can see changes without any kind of fear that you are creating “bad habits”.

  • Nap strategies and your baby’s changing daytime sleep in the first 18 months
  • The truth about drowsy but awake, awake and aware and putting baby in their sleep space asleep
  • How physical skills impact sleep
  • Separation anxiety, why it happens, and how to support your baby
  • Common sleep regressions/progressions
  • Dealing with teething and sleep
  • Returning to work and starting daycare
  • Managing nighttime feeding for both body fed and bottle fed babies