Understanding Infant Sleep (0-6 months) – $65+HST

Our culture has led families to believe that there are only two ways to deal with parental sleep deprivation & getting their babies to sleep more:  using a variation of a “cry it out” method or suffering through this period until their baby learns to sleep on their own. 

But this simply isn’t true.

Join us along with our resident Sleep Coach Aidan Black-Allen as we answer the most pressing questions about infant sleep during your baby’s first few months. Aidan’s strategies promote infant mental health, protect attachment and result in better sleep for children and parents alike!


  • expectations vs. reality
  • understanding the architecture of newborn sleep cycles vs. adult sleep cycles
  • newborns and contact sleep
  • to swaddle or not to swaddle
  • fourth trimester and sleep practices / routines
  • sleep triggers
  • preventing over-tiredness before bedtime
  • understanding sleep zones & cues
  • what is self-soothing?
  • feeding & sleep
  • naps & nighttime sleep strategies
  • common sleep regressions/progressions & developmental milestones
  • benefits of dream feeds
  • transitioning baby to their own room

and so much more!


  • additional tools, resources and documents to help you navigate sleep for your baby’s first 6 months
  • a FREE 15 minute consult with Aidan
  • invitation to attend our Understanding Sleep (for 6month-1year) – upcoming dates to be announced soon