The woman on the right is who I was before I had my daughter. Corporate, professional, serious. I worked extremely hard for the career I had before becoming a mom. I committed myself to my degree, then my internships, and my professional development. It took long hours, taking risks, giving it all I had. I felt that it defined me. My work was who I was. It proved my worth.

The woman on the left?  I wish she could talk to the woman on the right and tell her that no job is worth sacrificing your happiness, your health, your family. That the dollars on your pay cheque don’t equal your value. That it’s okay to take a risk that may seem out of character.

I remember I’d often sit at my desk and daydream about what life could be like if I was my own boss. If I pursued the things I was passionate about versus the things I was good at. But I never felt confident enough to go it alone. I would search for wedding planner jobs or event coordinator roles because I felt I still needed a salary to be worth something. 

After having my daughter in March 2016, I knew I needed to take the biggest risk yet.

I didn’t want to go back to a career that would take me away from her for 12 plus hours a day. I would spend hours trying to figure out what to do so I could stay home with her. Etsy? Author? Blogger? Scentsy rep? How could I make it work?? Thankfully, my younger sister got married in September 2016. She asked my husband and me to make her a card box for her wedding. Her brother-in-law saw it and decided he wanted one for his wedding. And then his friends saw it.

Then I started an Instagram page, put myself out there (all the good and all the bad) and haven’t stopped hustling since!

Has it been easy? Not. For. A. Single. Day.

I feel torn a lot, if I’m committing enough of myself to all aspects of my life – being a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, an entrepreneur. But what I’ve come to realize is that if you are truly passionate about something and you don’t give up, you CAN have it all. You can be all the things you want to be and choose for yourself when you work, when you play, when you just get to be you. It’s still crazy to me that my daydream is now my reality.

Is my bank account as full? Nope. But my heart?? It’s been overflowing. 

Lesley is a work-at-home mom of soon-to-be two little girls. She is a self-taught scroll saw artist who works out of her basement woodshop in Tottenham, Ontario. She left her career in IT to pursue her dreams of running own business while being able to stay home with her children and hasn’t looked back since. 

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