birth announcement with white and grey onesies and an ultrasound
photo credit: Everlasting Moments

We could not thank or recommend both of these ladies and their amazing company enough.

We first met Carol Anne at a birth options night through our midwives (after I had already done some research on the company) and my husband quickly jumped on board after hearing how passionate she was and so full of knowledge.

Both Carol Anne and Sarah shared more knowledge and inside tricks prior to my birth than anything Pinterest blog or google search could teach me. I was also put in contact with a backup doula just in case of an emergency which helped ease any fears.

Fast forward to birth day (in my case, 2 days worth)

Carol Anne was a power house coaching me through every contraction both mentally and physically. She supported my husband and taught him tricks to help assist with the discomfort of labour and kept our spirits up when we could have easily been defeated experiencing little to no progress.

Parents holding their newborn baby.  Thyme & Ivy Studios
photo credit: Thyme & Ivy Studios

We did switch over to Sarah after a very long labour and the transition was seamless and Sarah was there to assist with the delivery of our daughter and again coach me through different positions. Postpartum, Sarah was a huge asset to have for both myself personally and my family. I owe all of my *PAIN FREE* breastfeeding success to her.

She also gave me the opportunity to enjoy long hot showers postpartum while she would sing and rock our new baby and was a listening ear whenever I just needed another adult to chat with. 

A year later and these amazing women were my support system for my second daugther

photo credit: Gallucci Studios

This time, the emotional and mental support during my pregnancy was one of the most important elements. They listened without judgement to my fears and concerns about becoming a mom of two and taught me valuable tools that I still use on assisting my oldest (even though she is still a baby herself) through the transition of becoming a big sister.

I was one of the lucky ones who gave birth right before the pandemic was in full effect and even though I had a scheduled induction this time around and spent my entire labour in the hospital, Carol Anne was constantly checking in and as soon as we called her to action she walked right into my room and jumped in helping all the way through (this time we got to enjoy more laughing between contractions).

She respected our wishes and helped us voice that to the hospital staff involved and helped with breastfeeding right away. We are lucky that our labour and delivery stories will always have a sense of calm and peaceful memories because of their team. 

We really cannot stress it enough, everything this team brings to the table is beyond measure. The empowerment, compassion and knowledge they posses is exactly what you need during a life changing event.