I knew nothing about home births, doulas or midwifery until a dismissive doctor influenced me to discover this world of healthy, happy birthing in my third month of pregnancy. I decided on a home birth, immediately registered for the Lifetime of Love HypnoBirthing® classes with my husband (private, in home, where no question was too stupid) and had a joy ride the rest of the pregnancy.

A spinal cord injury left me somewhat anxious about the home birth, especially when my sciatic left me bed ridden days before the birth began. Being in bed in turn resulted in my baby being birthed face up, unbeknownst to us beforehand.

I would NEVER have had the strength to endure the labour I had without Carol Anne.

Carol Anne is a supportive, rational, compassionate woman who emotionally and physically gave me the energy to never give up.

Both Sarah and Carol Anne are professional and knowledgeable, love babies and can seriously make your birthing experience the one you dream of.