At about 30 weeks pregnant I started researching the benefits of hiring a birth doula. I really liked the idea of having extra support and expertise during my labour – for myself, as well as for my husband. I asked my midwife for a referral and she recommended Carol Anne.

I contacted her and I’m very happy that I did. Right from the start, Carol Anne was extremely friendly and very easy to talk to. She was almost as excited as I was about my upcoming labour and she even jumped in her car and headed over right when I needed her. Fifty-one and a half long hours later, I had my baby boy in my arms – and Carol Anne was there through it all.

On the first day I labored at home as planned but eventually I needed a transfer of care to hospital and to an OBGYN because I wasn’t progressing into active labour. It was extremely comforting to have Carol Anne with me when my midwife couldn’t be and to know that she would be an advocate of my birth plan no matter where I delivered.

Carol Anne was so helpful in suggesting different labouring positions for me to try and encouraging me through difficult moments with breathing and relaxation techniques. Her physical and emotional support truly proved to be an invaluable part of my birth experience. It would not have been the same without her.