In our culture the word “sex” is often twisted in interpretation to mean something shameful, dirty, carnal, or explicit however without sex our human species would cease to exist. 

Sex is natural, normal, healthy and good. We like sex not because we are perverts or especially liberated, but because it is an essential part of the beautiful mosaic which is the human experience. This mosaic is made up of billions of sexual relationships, leading to the birth of babies and new families, which make up our communities – communities of humans who are each on their own journey looking to partner with someone else in love and sex and continue adding numbers to the greater picture.

Like giving birth & breastfeeding, SEX is part teachable and part natural instinct

The instinct is driven by thoughts, hormones, and chemical changes in our brains and bodies. One of the most important chemicals involved in attraction, falling in love, sex, and orgasm, is oxytocin. Interestingly enough oxytocin is also one of the key hormones in the birth process.

Coincidence?  I think not!

As Pam England, author of Birthing From Within says,
“The same movements that get the baby in, get the baby out.”

The rise in your oxytocin levels helps to trigger the start of labour and help keep your labour going until the birth of your baby. It also aids in the birth of the placenta and in the let down of breastmilk.

Most importantly oxytocin is the “love hormone

This hormone floods your body and brain. It also floods baby’s body and brain during labour so that in that magical moment when you first look upon each other, mother and child bond instantly and fall in love. Parents then feel protective of their baby and they raise their little one with love and care, and that child then joins the greater community.

Birthing and breastfeeding are also both instinct and teachable.  We teach a natural childbirth class called HypnoBirthing®:  The Mongan Method. In which we guide mothers to become aware of their natural instincts and we focus on teachable skills such as numerous breathing techniques, visualization, and self-hypnosis and how they compliment our natural instincts in birth.  We also facilitate a breastfeeding class. We teach women about their body’s natural ability to make milk and then we help to build some basic skills:  how to hold your babies, how to know if your baby is feeding well, how to recognize any challenges, and how to have confidence in the whole experience.

We are confident that our knowledge of both the birth experience and breastfeeding is reliable and valuable to our clients. Our professional doulas are committed to supporting families in Mississauga, Brampton, Orangeville and surrounding communities as they make their way along that journey.  

Your instincts got you started on this journey, but it’s a combination of skills and instinct that will help you in pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding & beyond.