I was 31 weeks pregnant when I received Carol Anne’s contact information from a friend of mine. That was about the time that everything seemed to fall into place and I began feeling much more comfortable with the upcoming weeks of my pregnancy, (which had turned out to be quite a difficult and complicated one already), leading into my labor, and eventually, the delivery of our beautiful baby girl – all thanks to Carol Anne.

Right from our first conversation, I knew that Carol Anne was the Doula for my husband and I. Without ever speaking to or even seeing Carol Anne before, we hit it off on the phone right away, joking around and sorting out details to make sure that it was a mutually compatible relationship that we were about to embark on.

At our first home visit, my husband was totally put at ease with Carol Anne’s deep caring, nurturing personality, and with that, it also put me at ease. She never made either of us feel like we were asking “stupid” questions and always took the time to take note of any of our concerns – she was very knowledgeable and empathetic to our feelings.

With two “false alarms” under our belts leading into my labor, from the time I called her at 11:00pm on July 23, 2013 when my water broke, to the time that our beautiful baby girl, Lexi, was born at 7:17am on July 25, 2013, Carol Anne was a God sent for not only myself and my husband, but for our families as well. Carol Anne did everything in her power to progress my labor and keep things on track for our birth plan, and held the medical interventions off for us for as long as possible, while still communicating and discussing all of the different options available to us. Not only was she huge support for us in the delivery room, but she was a huge support for both sets of our parents and our siblings – there to comfort them and provide them with reassurance and answer questions when need be.

It was mutual amongst our family that Carol Anne had gone above and beyond what we could have ever expected, and felt more a family member than a hired Doula to all of us. Hiring Carol Anne to be a part of such an important and memorable experience in our lives was the best thing that we could have done. There is no doubt that when it comes time for our second child, Carol Anne will be a part of the birth of that child as well – I would most definitely recommend her services to anyone, and I already have!

Carol Anne: Thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts.

Pam, Dave & Baby Lexi