There is nothing worse than losing images that hold memories of those you love. The realization floods over you like a panic – something like when you get punched in the gut and all of the air gets knocked out of you. It’s nauseating. 

Pictures, Pictures EVERYWHERE!

Ok, listen up my friends. I’m going to talk about a real issue here:  How many of you have storage cards either on your camera or phone that is just about bursting at the seams? It’s a real problem. I can totally relate. You’d think that as a photographer, I’d have a grip on this. Haha yeah right! I may be the worst offender here!

With how advanced we have become with our phones and the easy access to some pretty awesome camera equipment, we as a society are drowning in endless images. As a professional photographer of Maiden to Mother Photoart, I live and breathe pictures, so I don’t mind.

​But here’s the thing…

If you don’t do anything with your photographs, they are just taking up a whole lot of space and you run the risk of losing the images.

Which brings me to my point.

Parents of kids or fur-babies – get the images off your devices and onto your laptop/computer AND a backup source.

Seriously. I back up ALL my photographs. Personally, I prefer to use an external hard-drive. I back up images of my kids, pets, trips as well as my client galleries. Occasionally, I will get a message from a client saying their computer crashed or they have misplaced their USB. Luckily, I always have my work backed up for a few years in case this happens, and I can resend them their images.

External Hard Drive or “the Cloud”

External hard-drives can be purchased at just about any electronics store. A quick search on Best Buy Canada and you can buy one for roughly for $70+ for a 1TB drive – that is a lot of space!! If this isn’t an option for you, you can also consider “the cloud” (online storage solutions). TechRadar has compiled the best list of online storage solutions for 2018. Some options are Dropbox (my fave for personal for professional reasons), Google Drive, iCloud, and OneDrive, to name a few. 

PRO TIP:  Delete Repeat Frames & Categorize Your Pics

To make things a little simpler for you, I recommend deleting repeated frames. I know this may be hard because sometimes just a change in your child’s expression can make you feel a whole other set of feelings, but do your best.

Also, categorize them. I’m sitting here on my laptop right now thinking about how it would be best to organize my personal photos and I decided I will do them “by child”. It’s not really necessary to organize them by date as that information is already stored in the file and can easily be sorted that way if needed.. You can, however, organize them by year for each child. That may make it easier for you to find them down the road.

Print. Those. Pictures.

It is just not the same to flip through files on a computer as it is to flip through photo books. Believe it or not, they still have those basic photo albums in the store that include slots where you slide your pictures in. If you want to get fancier, places like Costco or Shutterfly have affordable options to create photo books or to just print your pictures.

Enlarge Your Faves

Enlarge your pictures. Pick a few of your favourites and get them up on the wall. Already have pictures up from the last few years? Consider switching them out with new ones! Hanging your favourite photos (whether of your family, vacation spot or your fur babies) personalizes your space and uplifts the energy (including your mood) when you have pictures of the people and places you love all around you.

And above all else, your loved ones will appreciate this effort…when they’re older of course 😉

Nikolina, owner of Maiden to Mother Photoart, is an mom to two girls and is based out of Caledon, Ontario. Changing careers a few times, she ended up following her passion for photography by making a business out of it. Whether she is taking pictures of families or women in business, her vision will always be to empower her subjects to shine their brightest and have FUN.