With the birth of my daughter, we decided to enlist the help of a doula and it was the best decision we could have ever made. 

I laboured at home for several hours in Tara’s care and her presence and guidance gave me the confidence to trust my body. When things started to ramp up, Tara helped to relieve my pain and even taught my husband some position holds so he could continue to keep me comfortable once we transferred to the hospital.

Keeping me grounded during birth & supporting me through the postpartum time

Tara was key in providing us with information to make well informed decisions and continued to support us virtually once we moved to the hospital. Having her in my ear kept me calm and grounded and I am so happy to have gotten the birth experience I have always wanted. 

Tara has also been a huge part of our post partum journey and helped us resolve some challenging breastfeeding issues. Since I had a lot of struggles feeding my oldest, breastfeeding has been a source of a lot of anxiety and worry for me and I appreciate that Tara has validated all my feelings and worked hard to support me in overcoming them. I can’t imagine this journey without Tara and we are so thankful for everything she has done for us!