Having a doula for postpartum support was the best decision we could have ever made. The postpartum care we got from SJ and Carol Anne made sure I was able to focus on bonding with my baby. They helped cook and clean up, so I could recover. They taught us how to baby wear and bathe our newborn. They showed me how to nurse more successfully and supported every part of my journey to becoming a mother. Carol Anne was a shoulder to cry on and a joyful heart to laugh with.

When our second was born, SJ would sit and play with both children. I knew I could trust them to care for both children while I much needed rest. They fed our daughter so my partner and I could be with our new baby. SJ was an open heart to listen to my concerns and feelings during the difficult emotions of the fourth trimester. They built a lasting relationship with our family we so grateful for. 

The support of our doulas during our prenatal care and birth was life changing. The knowledge they shared with us during classes changed our whole view about birth. It prepared us to welcome our babies peacefully and with trust. They were there to hold my hand during birth and make sure my partner was supported too. They talked me down and kept things calm, and always made sure to advocate for our wishes. We are forever grateful to Carol Anne and SJ.