As each person’s birth story is unique, so were my reasons for acquiring a doula.  In my third trimester we decided to move and purchase a home outside of our current community. The move required me to find a new doctor, change hospitals and leave nearby friends. I also found myself overwhelmed with the varying bits of advice that came from family, friends, books and the internet. Between the stress of the move and the uncertainty that comes with your first child, I wanted to find support from an outsider that would remember my name without checking the file first. ​​Contacting Lifetime of Love offered exactly that and more.

Carol Anne & Sarah are kind, professional & knowledgeable.  They gave me a sense of stability and confidence in preparation for what was to come, with the warmth of a close friend.

When I retell the story of our son’s birth, I tell people Carol Anne “hit the ground running….without
missing a step”. I was nearly four weeks early and labour happened quickly, however none of this threw Carol Anne off, as she rushed into the hospital room and knew exactly what to do.  And when Sarah showed up for the postpartum visit to an anxious new mom struggling to feed her little premie, her encouragement helped me persevere, understand and adjust to the individual needs of my son. Often throughout my journey I had to explain to people
1. What a doula is and
2. Why would anyone need one? 

Doulas are an invaluable resource, and if you are lucky to have a doula as part of your birth story, Carol Anne & Sarah are the best ones around.