I’m sitting here getting my hair done for the first time in a year and half. It’s been a self imposed ban on hair due to budgeting (I opted for a house cleaner instead – who is now one of my favourite people ever). Unfortunately, when the care of the hair went out the window so did something of my ‘self care’ routine. This also included my crafted vision of what I wanted my reality to look like.

During the last year I’ve had a good amount of revelations about what I want to do and who I want to be.

I’m hard core firm about the idea that parenting (and my life) is just practice…for what, is yet to be seen, but it’s just practice so any failures aren’t epic. The weight of the world falls away to a point (wine helps with the rest) and I become a better, more focused person (unless there’s too much wine, which is a whole other ball of wax). Not caring about myself and hunkering down into mama period mode, plus a newfound appreciation for Instagram and the lovely people I’ve found there, has spurned a need to really follow my dreams.

I don’t have many really:

​1. Have a library in my house
2. Drink only good wine
3. Own a winery or wine bar

I built a solid bookshelf and call my dining room a library so that first one is a solid check. Number two I stumbled upon early in my marriage when I realized #wineisforeveryone. Not, “I’m young so I have to drink crappy cheap wine”. ​ ​Cheap wine isn’t necessarily crap but it does take some hunting to sift through the aisles to find something that doesn’t make your eyes water. 

Patience and research can make your wine night formidable no matter the budget.

And all this talk leads me to number three. Okay. Let me preface this by saying that my mother (a very prominent voice in my life) has been pushing (strongly advocating, bullying, cajoling) me to be a teacher and teach psych online (I have my masters in counselling therapy).

Of course I couuuuuuulllllld do it…
​OR, I could open my own winery!

For real though, the winery is just not going to happen because I love being with my kids (they’re still little) and being near family for now (when I get sick of everyone I’m off to Niagara-on-the-lake to buy me a vineyard), and the wine bar isn’t gonna happen because, let’s face it,  the hours are awful.  BUT if I ever open a wine bar I’ll totally keep up with my degree (it takes a lot of research to keep up to date on new therapies and findings…if your shrink is set in old ways, find a new one) and offer some free therapy over wine. I’ll call it #tellmeaboutyourlifewinesdays (or not).  The point is, I have ideas). 

By feeling like my life is practice, I let go of A LOT of pressure to be perfect
​and opened my eyes to what my dreams actually are.

So I’m turning to Instagram and blogging as a platform for my wine focused (hopefully) third career. It was a funny mental state to enter because it goes against every safe path that I’ve been taught. My husband agreed that an “alternative” job option is a great idea. My mother,  did not.

I’m restarting my “self-care”, making some changes along the way – making myself the person I want to be ​versus the person I think I am.

Juli is a mom of four with one rainbow. She lives in Hamilton, ON and loves to explore good food, good wine and is always somewhat nervous taking her kids to restaurants (because #kids amirite?). She has a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology (MACP) and has dreams of owning a wine bar and offering free counselling one night a week over a good cab!  You can follow her and her husband on Instagram.