The secret to satisfying babywearing, both for you and your baby, is the right fit. The Helina Baby Soft Structured Carrier (also known as a Meh Dai) offers a unique fit and comfort for bodies of all shapes and sizes, plus to petite, tall or small, and even if you’re carrying another baby inside!

Key Features

  • Supports both front and back carrying
  • Adjustable from newborn 8lbs (6″ wide x 12″ height) to toddler 40lbs (13″ wide x 16″ high)
  • Fits adults of all sizes (shoulder straps adjustable up to 78″ / waist belt to 81″)
  • Breastfeeding-friendly
  • Machine-washable (hand to dry)
  • Made with undyed and vegetable-dyed organic cotton and coconut shell buttons to be breathable, nontoxic, gentle on baby’s skin and good for the planet.

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The HUGFIT TM System


The Helina Baby is designed and crafted for exceptionally comfortable extended wear. Our HUGFIT ™ system allows you to easily customize height and width, while simultaneously adjusting the seat to hug and lift the baby’s legs and bottom. This supports your baby in the healthy M-position, creating a safe and supportive structure for your baby’s spine and hips. With your baby held snugly on your body, the two of you can move comfortably as one through all your daily activities.
The unique adjustment straps create a three-dimensional support structure for optimal safety and comfort.
Completely customize the fit of the carrier to support your child in a healthy position – from newborn to toddlerhood.


DISCLAIMER – Lifetime of Love Doula Services Inc.  is not responsible for any injuries or death that may occur while using the Helina Baby Carrier. Please learn and follow our HOW TO and SAFETY TIPS. Please use common sense before and while using the carrier. 

GENERAL SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS –  Please be sure to read and understand all safety recommendations and information on the Helina Baby Carrier.