Planning for Postpartum – $25+HST

The 4th trimester is not just about baby – it’s also about your postpartum recovery.

Join us, professional postpartum doulas as well as registered dietitian Angela Wallace for this thoughtful workshop all about YOU.

We’ll talk about:

  • What to expect physically when recovering from birth (vaginal or caesarean)
  • Recognizing the difference between Baby Blues and a Postpartum Mood Disorder
  • The myth and unrealistic expectations associated with “bouncing back”
  • Sleep expectations and needs (we mean for you, not baby)
  • Getting the right support
  • Sex/Intimacy after baby
  • Postpartum Nutrition: postnatal supplements, important nutrients that support recovery
  • Postpartum hormones
  • The importance of meal planning
  • What is nutrition repletion
  • The postpartum body
  • Exploring movement & exercise

All attendees will receive recipe & meal ideas from Angela, and a postpartum planning guide from us!