As we were planning for the birth of our first child, we knew we had friends and family that we could count on, but I wanted someone experienced in the field with unbiased trustworthy information.  My friend who had Sarah as her doula recommended her to me. 

My husband and I found the prenatal class with Sarah and Nicole more hands-on and personalized than the prenatal classes provided by the Halton region, which we also attended. The hospital packing list Sarah and Nicole went through had helped us tremendously at the hospital.  (There are so many lists online and I wouldn’t know which one to choose!)  Overall, the prenatal class gave us that much more confidence leading up to the labour and also postpartum.  We also kept in contact by text / phone with Sarah and Nicole.  Knowing I could count on their labour line helped ease my fear of “What if my water breaks and my husband is at work”.  

During my labour, Nicole not only took care of me like a sister / best friend, but she also made sure my husband got some rest and food into his system.  We were lucky to have great nurses and OB at the hospital; however, Nicole did not  leave my bedside, and was there to answer my million questions when the situation changed with every contraction.

The OB eventually suggested a C-section, because my baby’s heart rate was dropping and the opening wouldn’t go past 7 cm.  I was then in tears with waves of emotions going through my head. Nicole was there to comfort me and prepare us before going into the operating room, and she was there for us after our baby was born. 

Nicole came for the postpartum visit when baby was a few days old.  I shared with Nicole my struggles with breastfeeding, and she provided several helpful tips.  She also suggested the challenges may be caused by baby’s tongue tie, and had Sarah call me shortly to discuss further.  Sarah then referred us to a wonderful tongue tie specialist, who later assessed and released baby’s tongue tie, which made breastfeeding immediately easier, and most importantly, an enjoyable experience for both baby and me.  

I am forever grateful to Sarah and Nicole, especially on the tongue tie issue.  I trust that they will continue to help many more fortunate families.  

With much love and gratitude, 
Chris Barnard