In light of the strict physical distancing measures, we have moved all of our services to a online platform. We know that now more than ever families need support - we are here for you, in many capacities - through your pregnancy, your birth experience as well as in the days and weeks after baby arrives.

Virtual Services-
Online Learning via Virtual Platforms

free pregnancy info session-2 hours online

Join us for a FREE 2 hour virtual (LIVE) pre-natal class that will help you navigate your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We know that there are a lot of unknowns and that you may have questions about pregnancy, birth, postpartum recovery and infant care.

Changes to your pregnancy & birth experience due to COVID-19
Selecting a care provider and support team that are right for you
Birth options, making a birth plan/preference list and understanding informed consent
Changes in the hospital setting due to COVID-19 - restrictions on support people
Staying healthy during pregnancy & postpartum recovery
Education: selecting the right prenatal classes, books and other resources
The doula advantage - exploring the benefits of professional support and what that means during the pandemic
Parental leave - what's the plan?
Maternal and paternal mental health
Preparing for parenthood - expectations vs. reality
Making connections in the community (from health care providers to parenting groups)

We will talk about the things that are important to you:

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All are welcome at any stages of their pregnancy. The session is FREE but you must register.


Upcoming Dates

saturday, november 28th @ 6pm
sunday, january 3rd @ 6pm
Sunday, February 7th @ 5:30pm

crash course prenatal

Learn the basics in the comfort of your home: be confident and prepared for birth.

This 2 hour in home prenatal "crash course" covers all the *must have* topics of a traditional prenatal education class and can accommodate your busy schedule. With options for daytime, evening, weekend classes, our availability makes it easy for you to schedule a date and time that best suit your life.

​Labour day logistics
Signs of labour
Preparing for your hospital birth or home birth
Comfort measure and coping tools
Relaxation & breathing techniques
Common interventions and special circumstances
Labour & delivery
The first hours after birth
Basic "Baby 101" which includes swaddling, bathing, diapering, babywearing, etc

Topics we will cover:

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breastfeeding basics

Carol Anne and Sarah have been helping families learn the facts about breastfeeding and techniques for breastfeeding success over the last 8 years. With training from the world renowned INFACT Canada 20 Hour Breastfeeding Course, World Health Organization's Breastfeeding Training for Birth Professionals, as well as our ProDoula Postpartum and Infant Care training, we have combined our knowledge and skills to create this course not just for our private birth and postpartum clients, but for all expectant parents in Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Orangeville and the surrounding communities.

Why breastfeeding matters
How lactation works (understanding your body)
The benefits of breastfeeding
How to get a proper latch
How birth affects breastfeeding
The first crucial hours and weeks of breastfeeding
Learning hunger cues
Busting myths and fears
Common challenges and how to overcome them
Breastfeeding friendly supplementation and pumping
Breast milk handling and storage
How partners' can help
Local community resources

what you will learn:

Join other hopeful breast/chest feeding families in this fun 3 hour prenatal class created for all types of learners with videos, discussion, Q&As, demos (with dolls), slideshow and take home handouts.

online group class

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Upcoming Dates

Sunday, Dec 6th @ 2:30pm
Sunday, january 31st @ 3pm
saturday, march 27th @ 11am
sunday, may 9th @ 3pm

- The Mongan Method

HypnoBirthing® is based on the belief that babies can be born into the world gently and joyfully, and that mothers give birth calmly and comfortably. Many women have no idea how their body's are supposed to work in labour, and more importantly, how best to support their body's ability to birth. Through education, breathing techniques, relaxation, visualization, self-hypnosis and more, this class will bring you closer to achieving your ideal birth experience. 

HypnoBirthing® classes are taught as a 4 week series, and each class is 3 hours in length. Sarah and Carol Anne are both Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioners and believe that this is one of the most comprehensive and all encompassing birth preparation courses available to families. ​Carol Anne and Sarah teach this class together and students love that they get two perspectives and a combined 15 years of birth doula knowledge. Our classes are interactive, inspiring, fun and empowering. Expectant parents learn more about biology, birth options, and themselves, and they also make lasting friendships with their classmates.

Understanding our birth culture
Identifying common myths about childbirth
Letting go of anxiety and fear around birth
How our bodies work in labour and birth
Breathing techniques (three different types)
Instant and deepening relaxation techniques
Traditional pushing vs. birth breathing and the Natural Expulsive Relfex
The prenatal and postpartum parent
The importance of bonding with your infant prenatally & in the postpartum
Visualization techniques
How to use positive affirmation for pregnancy & labour
Birth preferences and planning
Labour management styles
Options for birth
Special circumstances in pregnancy & labour
Artificial & natural induction & augmentation methods
Hallmarks of labour
The supportive role of the Birth Companion and Doula
Weekly birth videos 

This all encompassing class will cover such topics as:

online group class

how is this class different from other prenatal classes?


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Upcoming Dates

 JAN 9 - Jan 30 @ 4:30PM

APR 10 - MAY 1 @ 4:30PM

Winter series:  SATURDAYS ON jan 9 - 30 @ 4:30pm

expecting multiples

There is a lot to learn when it comes to preparing for a baby, and even more to learn and plan for when you are expecting twins, triplets, or more!

​As a doula, childbirth educator, and a mother to twin boys herself, Sarah Baker is passionate about preparing families for the realities of birthing and parenting multiples.

Labour day logistics
Signs of preterm labour
Signs of full term labour
Stages of labour
Comfort measure and coping tools
Medication and medication free options
Relaxation & breathing techniques
Labour & delivery

This customized 2.5 - 3 hour course facilitated in your home covers topics such as:

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Giving birth in the operating room
Caesarean birth
The first hours after birth
The NICU experience
Infant feeding & creating schedules
(breastfeeding, pumping & bottle feeding)
Basic "Baby Care 101" (multiples edition)
​which includes swaddling, bathing, diapering, babywearing, etc


Baby Carrying Session

newborn care class

continuing education series

We've partnered with babywearing and baby carrying expert Victoria Celestini to bring you this 2 part session to answer all of your questions and prepare you for life with baby.

We can’t wait to take this deep dive in to baby carrying with you (all caregivers are welcome: prenatal moms and partners too!).

We created our infant care class to cover the most important topics for newborn care and to answer your most pressing questions. Our professional training in postpartum infant care, car seat safety, baby carrying, infant sleep, infant feeding practices, and more make us the perfect baby manual for you as you prepare for your baby. Join us for this exciting class as we cover all the "must learn" topics, and invite the excited grandparents too!

As doulas, we know how important pelvic floor health is to people on their pregnancy and postpartum journey, and that's why we've teamed of with Jessica Doig of Core Restore Physio to bring you this informative workshop created specifically for pregnant and postpartum women who are looking for practical information on how to improve their birth experience and optimize their postpartum recovery. 




birth planning session

self care & your mental health

Not only is it important to understand how your body changes when you have a baby, but it is equally as important to understand how your emotions, hormones and mind change as well. Learn how to manage the transition into parenthood by knowing how to spot the signs and symptoms of perinatal mood disorders, get tips on how to practice self care, and make healthy connections with a village of support for you and your baby.

Writing a birth plan is more than just telling your health care providers about the type of birth experience you want. Author Diana Korte wrote: "If I don’t know my options, I don’t have any."  During our group session you will learn the difference between Birth Plans vs Preferences, which choices have the biggest impact on your birth experience, and how to write a precise birth preference list or create a visual birth preference document.



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Wednesday, November 18th @ 7pm

Tuesday, November 24th @ 7pm

Friday, November 27th @ 7pm

*new class coming soon!

Saturday, December 19th @ 6pm

Wednesday, November 11th @ 7pm

Growing a baby inside of you is beyond incredible, our bodies are so amazing! However, pregnancy & birth come at a cost,  nutritionally speaking. We often hear a lot about our needs and recommendations for nutrition during pregnancy, but you may be surprised to know that you also have increased nutritional needs to support your postpartum recovery.  Join us for this helpful workshop led by Registered Dietitian Angela Wallace

Tuesday, January 12th @ 7pm

Sunday, January 10th @ 6pm

Friday, February 19th @ 7pm

Wednesday, January 27th @ 7pm

Weaning your little one

parenting workshops

So you've started feeding your baby solids and that is going well, but this next stage may seem a bit overwhelming.    In this workshop you will learn more about how to wean from breast or bottle when you are ready, what nutrients are important for growth and development of your little and what milk options you have.  This course is facilitated by Angela Wallace, Registered Dietitian and Family Food Expert.

This workshop focuses on feeding your child between 18 months - 4 years.   Facilitated by Registered Dietitian and Family Food Expert Angela Wallace, you will learn more about how to support your little eater in making healthy choices and eating a variety of foods. You will also learn more strategies on how to handle picky eating and how to best support your child in exploring and trying new foods. 

Do you feel overwhelmed about introducing solid food to your baby and are not sure where or who to turn to for information? You are not alone, and that's why we have joined forces with Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer and Family Food Expert Angela Wallace, MSc, RD from Eat Right Feel Right to bring you this interactive 2+ hour workshop all about Baby Led Weaning. 


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Sunday, December 6th @ 10am

Coming Soon!

Saturday, February 6th @ 10am