In light of the current situation in the Province of Ontario regarding COVID-19, we have moved all of our prenatal classes to an online platform - for your safety and ours.

We know that now more than ever families need support - we are here for you, in many capacities - through your pregnancy, your birth experience as well as in the days and weeks after baby arrives.

We invite you to explore our prenatal class offerings.  Between our private customized "crash course" to our fabulous continuing education series (over 12 hours of classes covering many topics relevant to your pregnancy & postpartum time), we are confident you will find something that's just right for you!

Oh, and don't forget to join us for our FREE webinars (details below)!

~SJ & Carol Anne

Virtual Prenatal Classes -
Online Learning Facilitated LIVE via ZOOM

our free webinars

We've partnered with babywearing and baby carrying expert Victoria Celestini to bring you this free session to answer all of your questions and prepare you for life with baby.

We can’t wait to take this deep dive in to baby carrying with you (all caregivers are welcome: prenatal moms and partners too!).

Join us for a FREE 2 hour virtual (LIVE) pre-natal class that will help you navigate your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.

We know that there are a lot of unknowns and that you may have questions about pregnancy, birth, postpartum recovery and infant care - this is your chance to have your questions answered!  All are welcome at any stages of their pregnancy.

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Sunday, December 5th @ 5:30pm

Tuesday, January 11th @ 7pm

Join Angela (registered dietitian & pre/postnatal fitness specialist) for a free webinar all about nutrition & exercise during pregnancy. Learn about what nutrients are key to support your baby's growth, what supplements you should consider, and how to best support you and your baby through food and nutrition as well as exercise 


Tuesday, December 7th @ 7:30pm

planning for birth - $75+HST

During our group session we'll talk about what to expect for your upcoming birth experience, you will learn about the difference between birth plans vs preferences, which choices have the biggest impact on your birth experience, and how to write a precise birth preference list or create a visual birth preference document.

Why write a birth plan
The difference between a birth plan and birth preferences
Special considerations that may affect your choices
What are your choices
What is informed consent & informed refusal
A step by step guide to decision making in pregnancy. labour, birth & postpartum
The stages of labour & what to expect
A step by step guide to writing a written birth plan/ preferences document
A step by step guide to creating a visual birth plan

what you will learn:

Author Diana Korte wrote: "If I don’t know my options, I don’t have any." 

Preparing for birth isn’t just about grabbing an online (likely US based) template and checking off a bunch of things. It’s about knowing and understanding ALL of your options, so that you can make informed decisions every step of the way. 

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Upcoming Dates

Sunday, NOVEMBER 28TH @ 5:30PM
Friday, January 7th @7pm
Tuesday, February 22nd @ 7pm
tuesday, april 12th @ 7pm

bonus - birth planning app included free valued at $50!

All attendees will receive exclusive access to a visual birth planner that they will be able to share with their health care team and their doula!

HypnoBirthing® - $395+HST

HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method is based on the belief that babies can be born into the world gently and joyfully, and that mothers give birth calmly and comfortably. Many women have no idea how their body's are supposed to work in labour, and more importantly, how best to support their body's ability to birth. Through education, breathing techniques, relaxation, visualization, self-hypnosis and more, this class will bring you closer to achieving your ideal birth experience. 

The course fee includes the official HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method paperback, the course activity book, Rainbow Relaxation & Affirmation download card as well as the attendance of your birth companion.

HypnoBirthing® classes are taught as a 4 week series, and each class is ~3 hours in length. Sarah and Carol Anne are both Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioners and believe that this is one of the most comprehensive and all encompassing birth preparation courses available to families. ​Carol Anne and Sarah teach this class together and students love that they get two perspectives and a combined 18 years of birth doula knowledge. Our classes are interactive, inspiring, fun and empowering. Expectant parents learn more about biology, birth options, and themselves, and they also make lasting friendships with their classmates.

Understanding our birth culture
Identifying common myths about childbirth
Letting go of anxiety and fear around birth
How our bodies work in labour and birth
Breathing techniques (three different types)
Instant and deepening relaxation techniques
Traditional pushing vs. birth breathing and the Natural Expulsive Relfex
The prenatal and postpartum parent
The importance of bonding with your infant prenatally & in the postpartum
Visualization techniques
How to use positive affirmation for pregnancy & labour
Birth preferences and planning
Labour management styles
Options for birth
Special circumstances in pregnancy & labour
Artificial & natural induction & augmentation methods
Hallmarks of labour
The supportive role of the Birth Companion and Doula
Weekly birth videos 

This all encompassing class will cover such topics as:

online group class

how is this class different from other prenatal classes?


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Upcoming Dates

@ 5:30PM

@ 5:30PM

Winter SERIES: SATURDAYS ON Nov 6 - nov 27 @ 5:30PM
Winter Series:  saturdays on jan 22 - feb 12 @ 5:30pm

infant feeding & lactation education - $95+HST

The lack of education around body feeding as well as a lack of proper support can stack the odds against families who are seeking to feed their baby this way. With 20 years of experience between them supporting hundreds of families during the 4th trimester, SJ & Carol Anne have created this 3.5 hour class to help prepare you for your infant feeding journey.

It can take a few weeks to really get things going and what if you have experienced a difficult birth, or your baby is struggling to figure out feeding? There are many common challenges but also thankfully many solutions.

It's all about education, support and helping you reach your infant feeding goals.

Why lactation matters & how it works
The benefits of human milk
How to get a proper latch
How birth affects infant feeding
The first crucial hours and weeks of feeding
Learning hunger cues
How to know when your baby is full
Busting myths and fears
Common challenges and how to overcome them
Breastfeeding friendly supplementation and pumping
Safe milk handling and storage guidelines
How partners can help
Local community resources

what you will learn:

There is a belief that feeding from your body is natural and therefore easy, but ask around and you know that’s often not the case. In Canada, our success rates are dismal and families face many obstacles when it comes to infant feeding. Breast/chestfeeding is a learned skill that both you and your baby work at together to figure out.


online group class

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Upcoming Dates

sunday, november 7th @5:30pm
sunday, december 19th @ 5:30pm
sunday, january 23rd @ 5:30pm
Sunday, february 27th @ 5:30pm
sunday, april 10th @ 5:30pm
sunday, june 5th @ 5:30pm

private prenatal classes:
private instruction, customized for you

There is a lot to learn when it comes to preparing for a baby, and even more to learn and plan for when you are expecting twins, triplets, or more!

​As a doula, childbirth educator, and a mother to twin boys herself, Sarah Baker is passionate about preparing families for the realities of birthing and parenting multiples.

This privately facilitated Breastfeeding Basics class covers all the same must have topics as our group class, except it's just us!  We'll cover it all - how to get a proper latch, how birth affects breastfeeding, learning hunger cues, common challenges and how to overcome them and so much more.

This 2 hour online prenatal "crash course" covers all the *must have* topics of a traditional prenatal education class and can accommodate your busy schedule.

With options for daytime, evening as well as weekend classes, our availability makes it easy for you to schedule a date and time that best suit your life.




continuing education series:

As doulas, we know how important pelvic floor health is to people on their pregnancy and postpartum journey. We've teamed up with Emily Adams & Jessica Doig of Core Restore Physio to bring you this informative workshop created specifically for pregnant and postpartum women who are looking for practical information on how to improve their birth experience and optimize their postpartum recovery. 

We spend so much time planning for pregnancy, labour & birth but not postpartum recovery. The 4th trimester is both a beautiful & transformative time, but it can also be challenging. You are recovering from birth, taking care of baby/babies, and slowly figuring out who you are as a parent. We've teamed up with Angela Wallace RD to bring you a workshop focused on YOU, your recovery & your journey.

We created our newborn care class to cover the most important topics for taking care of a new baby and to answer your most pressing questions. Our professional training and a career as postpartum & infant care doulas make us the perfect baby manual for you as you prepare for your baby. Join us for this exciting class as we cover all the "must learn" topics, and invite the excited grandparents too!




Monday, December 20th @ 7pm
Tuesday, January 25th @ 7pm
Tuesday, March 22nd @ 7pm

Thursday, November 25th @ 7pm

Tuesday, November 30th @ 7pm
Tuesday, March 29th @ 7pm

 Baby Led Feeding

Do you feel overwhelmed about introducing solid food to your baby and are not sure where or who to turn to for information? You are not alone, and that's why we have joined with Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer and Family Food Expert Angela Wallace, MSc, RD from Eat Right Feel Right to bring you this interactive 2 hour workshop all about Baby Led Weaning. 

What is baby led feeding (also known as baby led weaning)
What to expect with baby led feeding
How to know if baby led feeding is the right choice for you and your baby
How to know if your baby is ready for solids
Offering a variety of textures (we'll talk about purees)
How much food to offer your baby
How to offer solids to a baby safely
What foods to offer first

what you will learn:

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An online workshop facilitate live about introducing solids to your baby

Meal ideas and recipes
A complimentary 20 minute virtual consultation with Angela Wallace
Exclusive access to our private Facebook group with other Baby Led Feeding families which includes more recipes as well as additional and ongoing tips and support
One lucky attendee will be the winner of a baby led feeding themed giveaway (details to be revealed)

All attendees will go home with:

Upcoming Dates

sunday, december 12th @ 10am
sunday, april 3rd @ 10am

infant massage
JOIN US FOR our august series

Caitlin Jerome, RMT has put together a 4 week class where you will learn basic infant massage techniques and self-care tips for baby's primary caregiver. She will also discuss the benefits of massage for sleep, digestion and development of motor skills, while creating ways to incorporate what you learn into everyday life. 

Begin our session with a welcome song & acknowledgement of touch
Work towards our weekly goals, which will include:  general wellness, infant sleep, neural connections, gross motor development, congestions, digestion & more
Learn massage techniques & positions with our baby
Focus on caregiver through gentle body movements that can be incorporated into the practice
Include a topic of discussion for caregivers to learn & participate in
Follow up with an email which will include further information about techniques & positions as well as additional resources

every week we will:

Massage is a way of bringing a parent & child together to establish a way of communication without words, while promoting body awareness & healthy habits (Hickey, L. 2009) 

Upcoming Dates

our next 4 week series will be in the
new year!

"Such a great experience for me and my baby. She absolutely loved every week and I definitely looked forward to it!
Now I have the knowledge to massage my baby to help relax her and during play time!"

"I love and enjoyed this class so much! Being stuck at home with a newborn is hard and this class gave me something to look forward to every week. I love that they also focused on mama and had interesting topics to discuss"

what people are saying about this class:

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