Having Sarah & Carol Anne as our doulas was an extremely worthwhile investment. Our pre-natal meetings were educational and fun. The doulas wanted to help us have our ideal birth. They were not judgemental and they respected what we wanted. 

The doulas wanted to help us have our ideal birth.  They were not judgmental and they respected what WE wanted.

The support we received during labour and delivery was excellent and lasted for about 28 hours. The girls traded off multiple times to ensure we were receiving quality care. ​​

Their experience and knowledge on birth and labour was invaluable. If we had not had the support of the doulas, we likely would have gone to the hospital too early and been sent back home. They kept us calm during the stressful parts and assured us that everything that was happening was normal. In addition to the hands-on labour and birthing support we received, the girls also went above and beyond by making us healthy snacks, helping to clean up, taking our dogs out so Jeff and I could still be together, and documenting the earliest moments of Owen’s life with a collection of photos I will cherish forever.
The post-natal visits, specifically the help we received with breastfeeding was very useful and practical. Sarah and Carol Anne acted professionally throughout our entire journey together. I would highly recommend their services to any family who is expecting. 

​Sandra, Jeffrey and Owen​