Happy new year folks!  Juli here, your friendly-overzealous-Wine-Lady-mom-of-four.   So guys, I have a problem.  I’m falling apart here.  Like, my body has had a cold from boxing day and I can’t shake it.

​I’m not going to lie to you, because that would TOTALLY defeat the purpose of blogging, I usually continue drinking wine throughout colds. I do. I know you’re shaking your head thinking, “this girl may have a wee problem”, but I don’t, I promissseee.

​Here’s my logic:

I usually get over colds in a snap no matter what, wine almost NEVER hinders my recovery. I recover faster than my Costco sized vitamin popping, Emergen-C drinking husband who abstains alcohol and physical activity until he feels in prime form again (read: man cold).

This cold is lingggerrrrinnnggg and I’m pretty sure I have to do something a bit more dramatic about it – like go totally dry for a bit.

You want to know something? 
I didn’t even know “Dry January” was a thing until yesterday!

Like, who are these people who need to stop drinking altogether and what did they do to themselves over the holidays? My hand is up. Obviously I’ve become one of them this year because there’s even evidence on my face that I overstretched my internal resources these last few months (a cold sore: dis-gus-ting).

I’m not going to commit to an entire month (what’s left of it anyways) to going “dry” because, duh, I’m attempting wine blogging. I do have some ideas on what to do whilst abstaining but, anyways, I’m sure my body needs this. I’m going at it until I feel like I can be my best balanced version of myself…it might take all month but who knows!

It’s always smart to heed the need of your body.
My body feels like weak mush and this MUST change. 

So I’m back to focusing on healthy intake and I’m actually going to start working out again for the first time since before I was pregnant. I used to do karate / taekwondo. I love it. I love the focus and the people I meet. I don’t love the cost though – it’s a baljillion dollars a month and Dave (husband) isn’t home reliably enough that I can go three times a week. Shelling out for a babysitter is crazy pants because I do have 4 kids and it’s a lot of moolah no matter what. Thus I’m trying something new – it’s called barre3 (or something like that). They do classes online and in studio, I’m going to try online. 

Confession: I don’t have much success with working out unless someone’s yelling at me with authority and purpose, so um… we’ll see how this goes!

It seems most people like a more mindful, gentle approach. I am not one of those soooo, I’ll naturally blog about my progress, or lack thereof.
Last week I totally told myself that resolutions in January were a bad time to start because lets be real, you’re so out of whack because of the holidays it’s torture to do “more than the norm”. give yourself a break to get back to the norm and then start what needs be done.  And here I am a week later making some drastic changes. Shrug. Life happens and on we go.

Cheers… with my tea,


Juli is a mom of four with one rainbow. She lives in Hamilton, ON and loves to explore good food, good wine and is always somewhat nervous taking her kids to restaurants (because #kids amirite?). She has a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology (MACP) and has dreams of owning a wine bar and offering free counselling one night a week over a good cab!  You can follow her and her husband on Instagram.