Midwife Linda weighs a newborn baby!

Progress can be hard to measure – it flows forward sometimes at a snails pace, and sometimes we need to fight harder for it than at other times.

I reflect today on the journey we went through alongside the Midwives of Headwater Hills as we “Marched for the Midwives” back in 2011 for privileges at Headwaters Healthcare in Orangeville – a fight that was won for the safety and benefit of the community as a whole.

Midwifery continues to fight and advocate for progress, and we encourage you to share some of the messaging on your social media platforms and learn more about this year’s long initiatives (after all, it is a centennial celebration).

Here on our little old blog, we bring awareness and celebrate midwifery care through the voices of their tiniest patients. We love sharing these “Love Letters” written on behalf of the little humans their hands (and hearts) helped bring into this world.


Dear Nadia, Linda, and Hannah,

Thank you for taking such good care of my mom and I during and after her pregnancy. We felt so safe, informed, and cared for because of you. It made me feel happy and calm knowing we were both in such good hands. From the first day we met I knew this was going to be a positive and exciting journey towards our home birth. Even though we had to go to the hospital because of complications you were there every step of the way reassuring us that everything would be ok. Not only did you keep my mom calm, you also helped my dad too. It can’t be easy seeing the one you love in such a vulnerable state not knowing how to make it better. You were a support system for him too. I loved that you came over after I was born to check up on me and my family a few times. It was nice to see you when things were calm. Our family will always be so thankful for everything you ladies have done. We will sing your praises to anyone who asks about your care. 

Lots of love:

Vivianne Robitaille and Family (Stephanie, JF and Alexis)

Dear Linda, Nadia & Stephanie, 

Throughout mama’s pregnancy I heard friends and family say “the second one comes early.”  They were wrong about me! I decided to wait until 41 weeks like my older brother previously did.

Mama wanted to have a home waterbirth, but because I wasn’t making my arrival, she had to get an ultrasound to make sure I was okay. The technician noticed my amniotic fluid was low.
That meant mama had to be admitted to the hospital and care was transferred.

Even though mama wasn’t able to have the birth she envisioned, she still had a beautiful, calm birth at the hospital with midwife Linda cheering her on and helping alongside the OB and nurses.

I’m so happy for the home visits (and phone calls) that followed. The kind, caring encouragement mama got from midwives Nadia and Stephanie when daddy and big brother fell ill days after my arrival helped mama get through the first two weeks of me being home.

I would like to thank the team of midwives who cared for me and my mama during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. 

Love,Amelia Maiato 

A love letter to the Midwives of Headwater Hills from Brynley (age 2 yrs 10 months) & Maddex (age 9 months) Purdy

Hi! I’m Brynley! And this is my little brother Maddex! My mom tells me how lucky we were to have such an amazing team of midwives help bring us into this world, not just once but twice! Heather, Emilia and Melissa took care of our mommy during both pregnancies and that really means a lot to her. She still talks about how amazing Emilia was – how she tried everything to give my mom the home birth she wanted when I was born, but in the end had me at the hospital. She will never forget Emilia walking her down the stairs and to L&D between contractions after already pushing for 2.5 hrs! My mommy will forever be thankful for all Emilia did for us and tells me she’s watching over her own babies and all the babies she helped deliver 

And how my little brother decided to come early and Heather allowed my mom to have her home birth safely, because he came so fast! I still remember helping Heather and Emilia when they came to our house after Maddex was born. They let me watch & listen to how they cared for both my little brother and mommy.
Daddy says it sucks that he didn’t get to attend any appointments with mommy when Maddex was still in her belly, but he stayed home with me and we played until mommy got home and shared the videos where we could hear Maddex’s heartbeat!
We are so lucky that we don’t live far away from the midwives so we walk by almost every day and hope to catch a hello or a smile as we pass by. My mommy always says “that’s where the amazing women work, who helped you and your brother get to mommy & daddy”.
My mommy & daddy are so thankful for everything you have done for our family and for our community. I hope to see you on one of our summer walks! Then I can show you how big Maddex and I have gotten.

Dear Heather, Melissa, Linda and Nadia,

Once again you’ve outdone yourselves with your knowledge, support and guidance. Your midwifery family has meant so much to my parents over the last 6 years, for my two older brothers and now me, the grand finale!  My mommy feels so grateful to have had three home births with many of the same midwives from your clinic. Even when I thought I’d set myself apart from my brothers by throwing in a few curveballs you always made my mommy feel supported and advocated for the best care for me. 

My whole family is deeply appreciative for each and every one of you. My mommy tells me she has so many fond memories of her time with the midwives and I always hear her raving about you to her friends and family. I thought I’d change things up a bit from my boring brothers textbook pregnancies and births just to keep my mom guessing- but there you were each step of the way knowing exactly how to keep up with my cheeky ideas! 

There are not enough ways to truly describe how awesome you all are, so I will just say thank you, and keep up the great work! My parents raise a glass of champagne to toast yet another fabulous midwifery experience. 

Forever grateful 

Leah, Mark, Levi, Breen and Maisie