I am so grateful to have met Carol Anne and Sarah. As a first time mom, everything was so new to me. I was excited about having a baby, but the thought of labour and birth made me really nervous. I had heard many stories, both worrisome and encouraging, and I wanted to learn more to prepare for whatever type of birth I might have.

Carol Anne and Sarah came to our home to go over the supports they offer, and once they left I knew I couldn’t have asked for better guides as I began my journey as a mother. I chose to become a client right away, but it felt more like I gained two lifelong friends. Throughout my pregnancy, they checked in on me and answered any questions I had as I prepared for my little one.

My husband and I took their HypnoBirthing and Breastfeeding Basics classes. We learned so much while also having a lot of laughs! I found it so amazing to learn about how my body and baby work together in labour, and this helped me gain confidence in the process. My goal became to have a peaceful, natural birth. Closer to my due date, Sarah and Carol Anne visited us to make sure we felt prepared, go over our birth preferences, and review some of the techniques we learned. I remember feeling so at ease and ready for our upcoming birth.

The big day arrived and when we got to the hospital, Carol Anne was there waiting for us. I felt so safe knowing she was there for whatever might happen. As with most people, all did not go according to plan. Through it all, Carol Anne was there by my side, and her encouragement got me through every contraction. She coached me, reminded me of my strength, and helped me stay relaxed.  She also worked with my husband to support me using counter-pressure, which was amazing! With her support, I was able to have the natural birth I had been hoping for. When my son was born he needed treatment immediately. It all happened so fast, and I didn’t even get to see him. I remember telling my husband to stay with our baby. There I was, my son and my husband away from me, but Carol Anne made sure I was never alone and was by my side during those difficult moments. I felt at peace and knew everything was okay.

4 months later, Carol Anne and Sarah are still a very important part of my support system as I raise my baby boy. Sarah’s bath techniques have helped our son LOVE bath time. Their Pregnant & Parenting Facebook group and monthly mom & baby socials have been a great space to learn from other moms and be part of a positive parenting community. Their blog and monthly newsletter are also a great learning resource for me, and I’m looking forward to seeing them again at their Baby Led Weaning workshop later later this month. 

I can’t thank them both enough for all that they have done and continue to do to support our family!