You just found out you’re having a baby, congrats! Or maybe you’re 3 months along, or 6 months along, and really starting to feel it in your body.

While some of these changes are great, others might be aches or even pains. The good news is that there is safe relief.

As a chiropractor with a special focus on pregnancy and pediatrics, I see a lot of women for care during this amazing, but very challenging time.  Your body is going through incredible changes, more than at any other time of your entire life, period! You are making a baby, a living human being, inside of you, how awesome is that!?

Biomechanical and Postural Challenge

The challenge is, there are enormous biomechanical changes that take place in those nine months.

When else will you gain 30 -50 pounds, and your stomach double or triple in size, in less than a year? Never!

As your stomach and pelvis push forward, your pelvis starts to tilt further forward, increasing the curve in your low back, putting more and more pressure and stress on it.

At the same time, as you move into your last trimester, the hormone Relaxin in your body starts increasing, so that all of your joints start loosening up, especially in your pelvis. A good thing when you’re planning to give birth to an 8 or 9 pound baby!

But that loosening means that your pelvis is less stable, as are all your joints. All the extra weight of the baby, the shifting forward of your pelvis, and the increased low back curve is why so many women get low back pain or sciatica or pubic issues during their pregnancy, and even continuing after birth.

These issues are not only isolated to your pelvis and low back either. As the baby grows, and your pelvis tilts further forwards, your mid back counterbalances by shifting backwards, and your neck often further compensates by shifting forwards. This continually puts more pressure not only onto your low back, but also onto your neck and upper back and shoulders.

Combine this with not being able to sleep on your back or your stomach and flip flopping constantly to find a comfortable position, it can put a lot of stress onto your entire body.

What can you do for these pregnancy pains?

Well, if you weren’t pregnant, you might consider some over-the-counter muscle relaxants or pain killers, but that’s not really an option when you’re pregnant.

It also doesn’t really correct any of the underlying structural issues that are causing the symptoms.

When I consult with a mom to be, I start by sitting down with her and finding out exactly what is happening. Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, we need to know exactly what you’re feeling and experiencing.

Then I examine you to see, structurally, exactly what’s happening with your body, and why that may be contributing to the symptoms you’re experiencing. This is gentle, and most of these issues are fairly evident after many years of seeing pregnant women.

​Care generally involves adjustments, which are very gentle techniques designed to start to restore proper movement in your spine and body again, and to restore as much balance as possible to your body.

In our office I use highly specialized tables do this, and specific pregnancy pillows to make it sooo comfortable…pregnant women are shocked how gentle it is, and wish they had tables and pillows like ours at home!

I then go over some specific exercises for you to focus on, to help to restore structural alignment to your body, and to bring back some of the balance you’ve lost.

The good news is that because your body is changing and adapting so quickly with pregnancy, most pregnant women notice improvements in your symptoms and health incredibly quickly.

The other nice side effect is that if your body is more balanced, and more structurally aligned, especially your pelvis, it only makes sense that this gives you the best chance to have the birth you’d like, and give you and your baby the best outcome during the birth and after.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor during pregnancy, or for after pregnancy, I always recommend finding out whether they have any specialized training with pregnant moms and pediatrics (the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, and whether they have specialized tables or pregnancy pillows to make this more comfortable for you.

If I can be of any service as a pregnancy chiropractor, please feel free to contact our chiropractic office, even just to answer any questions you may have, we’d love to help. If you want a recommendation for a chiropractor in your area, we’re happy to help you find the right one for you.

​All the best with this amazing time in your life!

Dr. Byron Mackay

Dr. Byron Mackay is passionate about people becoming the best version of themselves. He gets energized helping people to achieve a new level of health by providing education, insight and expert care. Dr. Mackay has been practicing at Transform Chiropractic in Toronto for the past 15 years, and is blessed to work with hundreds of families, ranging from newborns to 90 year olds.

Dr. Mackay is married, and has two incredible, mischievous, energetic daughters, that keep him running nonstop whenever he is away from the office, and he wouldn’t have it any other way!