I had the pleasure of working with this lovely service for postpartum support. I am so very grateful for your support and friendship.  Having you ladies in my corner made a great difference. To me, it was the difference between baby blues and full blown depression. It was the difference between being isolated and being supported to step outside of my comfort zone and finding community mommy groups/socials. When my baby was not feeding well you led me to the resources that ultimately saved her life (very grateful).   It was great to have someone I can call/text with the smallest of requests or questions. 

You held my hands and walked me through the mommy guilt, you educated me when I was unsure and reinforced how important it was for me to trust my gut.  You became girlfriends I looked forward to seeing and catching up with.

You loved on my baby on days when I was too tired or too sad to do so, you reminded me to have a cup of tea and take a break while you held everybody and everything together.

You are the reason my baby girl loves bath time (Sarah is really a baby bath time guru).

From my heart and soul I am so very grateful to both Sarah and Carol Anne.

Today was my last visit and I am already missing you!