We were first time parents and had mixed thoughts on hiring a doula.  My preference was to have one for the extra hands and extra information they could provide during the birth, but my husband was unsure he wanted more people in the room during this incredibly intimate time. 

We decide to meet with Sarah and Carol Anne to see how we’d match and so they could explain the process to us. We connected well and decided to use (them) a doula for our birth. 

The experience was great! Any questions I had leading up to the delivery were always responded to very quickly! When it came to birthing day we had Sarah with us and it was really helpful to have an extra set of hands keeping me calm and comfortable. We also had them for home support in the first week after Blakely was born because my husband had to go back to work so soon. 

Thanks a lot ladies! 

~Lisa, Martin and baby Blakely