My husband and I attended Carol Anne’s HypnoBirthing class after our midwife recommended that we investigate HypnoBirthing as a way to prepare for the birth of our first child.  We are so glad that we found Carol Anne!

Right from the start, we immediately felt comfortable with her.  She did a wonderful job of covering the course material but also talking about how the techniques could be used during actual labour and where they would be most effective. 

Her experience as a doula was a tremendous asset – she has attended lots of births and has a sense how labours typically go, so she was able to help us “newbies” understand what to expect and what different techniques and positions to try to help us through the process of using the HypnoBirthing method.

Prior to this class I was terrified of labour and would feel very anxious whenever I thought about it but came away at the end feeling not only okay with the whole thing but feeling empowered and peaceful and like I can handle it.  I don’t fear it anymore – I look forward to it as the time when we get to meet our baby for the first time, regardless of what ends up happening on the day.  And not only that, but I notice that it has had a tremendous impact on my ability to handle stress in my normal life as well, which is a benefit I was not expecting but for which I am very grateful.

Not only can I not recommend this class enough, I cannot recommend Carol Anne highly enough.  She is one of the most marvelous and caring people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and has the most amazing ability to make you feel comfortable virtually immediately.  My husband and I are so grateful we had the opportunity to attend this class with her and get to know her.  She is nothing short of just wonderful!

So, if you are on the fence about this class, just sign up!  You will be so glad that you did!

– Jessica T.