At the start of my second pregnancy I began researching what a doula does and thought we should toy with the idea of having one this time around. The only reason I wanted one was to give my partner a break during the delivery in fear it would be long like my first and he wouldn’t get much time to take care of himself again. 

They were the first doulas we found that serviced our area and once we met Sarah and Carol Anne we knew for sure they would be the perfect addition to this journey, however we had no idea to what extent.

Everything from the home visits during pregnancy, creating our birth plan, including our daughter throughout the entire process, support at the delivery (I cannot go without mentioning the power of counter pressure and the hip squeeze!) and the hours of help at home after baby Riley arrived was exactly what we needed and we didn’t even know it when we started. 

Carol Anne & Sarah have uniquely different personalities that compliment and work so well with one another that they both meshed right into our family and always had us looking forward to the next visit no matter which one was scheduled to come.

We are so happy we had Carol Anne and Sarah with us as our doulas to give us the (exceptional) extra love and support we needed at such a special time in our lives. We will definitely be calling on them again if we have any more children. 

Thank you for all that you’ve done for our growing family!

Much love, 
Tanya, Brandon, Brielle and Riley