As I prepared for the birth of my first and my husband’s third child, I primarily followed my gut. I planned for a home water birth and wanted a small and mighty team to cheer me on. I also wanted my husband to feel supported in the case that we had to transfer to a Hospital because he did not feel informed during the birth of one of his previous children. After interviewing a couple different doula teams, I felt really comfortable and at ease with Lifetime of Love Doulas. 

During our private classes we got to know Sarah & Nicole and I felt confident with the tools the HypnoBirthing classes provided. These tools were incredibly helpful during my labour and having Nicole there was a complete life-saver (so much so that my husband was able to continue working and was sending emails until 45 minutes before baby boy was born!). Nicole was the first phone call I made when I was fairly certain that I was in labour.

Having the labour line number to call and a calm and knowledgeable voice on the other end of the phone at 4 o’clock in the morning was encouraging and calming.

I knew that Nicole had my back – and that alone made labour easier!

​When my son was born, Nicole snapped some photos which I will always treasure (something I asked for).  Nicole made sure I was nourished, happy, tucked into bed, and that all my questions were answered before leaving us for the night with our new little family.  I had a midwife present at my birth too and in my opinion it was incredibly helpful to have Nicole and the midwife because they each carried out completely separate roles while working as a team to help deliver baby boy.  The next day and the following week I felt incredible support from the Doulas and Midwives; again, with separate roles and a common goal. 

Then, the Postpartum Support began – this was a complete lifesaver!

Sarah taught me how to file his nails while he was half asleep and how to bathe his so he didn’t cry.

Carol Anne is a nursing genius! I did not have a single day of pain from nursing – something I didn’t know was possible because everyone kept telling me how much breastfeeding would hurt.

Nicole’s late hour schedule was a life saver so I could sleep soundly for a few hours knowing my baby was safe and well cared for.

These things may seem small, but they are a huge help in the early weeks and even months.  I cannot describe in words my gratitude for this team!

Five months later I reached out to my doulas again for tips and tricks about infant sleep education.  Carol Anne came to our home for a consultation and cannot wait to put some of her suggestions into practice.  It takes a village to raise these tiny ones and I am so grateful this village of doulas entered into our life and our home.

Doug, Jamie & Baby Bodie