When my husband and I decided to get pregnant, we knew we wanted it to be as relaxing and joyful as possible. After all this was one of the most beautiful experiences that my body was about to go through.

Throughout our research, both before and during my pregnancy, we kept coming across the term doula, which we learned was different from a midwife (who we were already under the care of).

This led us to the wonderful women of Lifetime of Love! We enlisted in their HypnoBirthing and Breastfeeding classes, and later on made the decision for birth & postpartum doula services as well. Having the support of a birth doula in the latter part of my pregnancy, as well as at delivery and in the first two weeks postpartum was truly amazing. Sarah was always there, whether it was via text or a phone call to answer my questions and calm any fear I had.

The professionalism and support she provided was truly one of a kind and made settling in with our newborn baby girl amidst the roller coaster of emotions and sleepless nights so much easier.

Sarah became more than just our doula – we now consider her to be a part of our family!

Thank you so much for everything!
We couldn’t have done it without your constant support.

Eushauna, Mike and (baby) Evangeline