When the lovely Doulas behind Lifetime of Love asked me to write a blog about newborn photography I absolutely jumped at the chance! I could go on and on about how our little ones are only this small for a short while, and how sweet those tiny toes are, but I really wanted to take this opportunity to dig deeper.  So here are my reasons to hire a newborn photographer!

Get mom in the frame

I’m going to start of with my #1 cannot stress it enough reason for hiring a photographer to document your newborn. Simply put it is to get YOU in the frame. Yes you, mom! I know you’re tired, and perhaps you haven’t showered or brushed your hair but the thing is…in 15, 25, 50 years from now, that tiny little baby is not going to be looking at your flaws – these photos  will bring a moment which they cannot possibly remember and they will be so thankful for the beautiful memories. As a mom, and a photographer, I get so emotional every time I browse the pictures I have of my children over the years. I am that mom that has always been behind the camera, not in front of it and our children deserve to have memories of us!

Be present

In all aspects newborn photography, whether is be during your labour, those first few days in the hospital or in the first few weeks, I want you to be able to be present!

This is especially poignant when talking about birth. Your partner is focusing so hard on documenting everything as you likely asked them to do that they are almost detached from you and the moment. We shouldn’t be living a moment by watching it on the back of a screen…put down that iPhone and focus solely on each other and the birth of your baby. Let me tell your story for you to relive beautifully over and over.


While your iPhone can take a great pic and freeze that moment in time, part of the benefit to hiring a newborn photographer is telling your story, and creating an emotional and compelling narrative that when revisited in the years to come will bring you to tears. Things that might not seem “pretty” right now are going to feel beautiful in time…I promise!


My 5 year old son has an obsession with memories (I wonder where he gets that from?!). Anytime something monumental happens in his world he wants it to go into his memory book. One time this meant photographing his tattered old rain boots because it was time for them to be retired and he REALLY loved those rain boots. I plan on continuing this memory book long after he stops asking because I know these memories will mean so much to him as an adult, and to his possible future children.

One of my absolute favourite pictures from when my daughter was a newborn is of her dad and brother giving her a bath on our kitchen table. While it might not have seemed monumental at the time, it documents the relationship of my children, it will allow my daughter to see what her dad looked like when he wasn’t old and grey, the house in which she was born. Life takes so many twists over the years and today is not promised tomorrow.

This is why photography is so important to me. Preserving the memories you might not even know are happening!

Alana Salisbury of 1486 Photography is a mom of 2 – Trent 5 & Alex 3. After the birth of her son she became consumed by all things birth and photography. So it was only natural that her current career in health care was put on hold so she could pursue her passion of documenting people on the best days of their lives.