Newborn baby being held by mother and supportive partner after hospital birth

I always knew I would choose to have doulas as part of my support team during my pregnancy.

The decision to choose these two ladies came easy. Something was just familiar and comforting. Maybe it was Carol Anne’s laughter or maybe it was Sarah’s hug. Either or I knew I had made the right decision.

Then covid – 19 happened. Everything changed. Except for one thing… These two ladies.

They delivered the same quality of service via phone and video chat. They ensured my husband and I were always heard, every worry was addressed and always offered support. 

The night of my very unexpected delivery could not have gone the way it did without Carol Anne. I don’t remember much but I sure remember the sound of Carol Anne’s soothing voice and comforting words in my ear.

She guided my husband through every contraction. She stayed on the phone with us for as long as we both needed her.

Yes, Carol Anne and Sarah could not have been physically present but their support could not have been felt any stronger.

Thank you ladies! We all need a little Carol Anne and Sarah in our lives! 

Tina and Giancarlo