As we do every year (it’s kind of become a wonderful tradition for us actually), today we are celebrating our colleagues in a very special way. May 5th is the International Day of the Midwife and this year it coincides with the State of the World’s Midwifery Report 2021 and the evidence is in: investing in midwives saves lives, improves health and strengthens health systems.

You don’t have to tell us about the benefits of Midwifery care, and you certainly don’t have to tell these families. We hope you enjoy these incredible accounts written from the perspective of the little humans these local midwives helped bring into the world – a love letter, if you will, to their midwifery team. 

We want to thank the incredible midwives that work in our communities for their dedication. Their work has been essential in allowing families birthing options especially during a pandemic.

So, without further ado…. bring on the babies and their incredible stories!

Midwives of Headwater Hills

Dear Melissa, Amelia & Heather,

Thank you for facilitating the most calm, beautiful home birth our family could have imagined.

An older child holding a younger child in their arms.

From day one, you gave my mama all the information she would need to make an informed decision about my (home) birth. You always answered all her questions and helped resolve any concerns. You always made her felt heard. You selflessly gave her your time.

You also made sure my dada’s questions were answered too. You let him lead me into this world and we are forever grateful for that. You made him a part of my birth and not just a bystander.

My mama tells me about the support you gave her when we found out I had a tongue tie. You immediately took action to get me help and you checked in on mama to make sure she was coping. The extra visits and extra care you gave during that difficult time will always be remembered fondly. If it was not for your love and care, that tough time would have been almost impossible to navigate.

You live forever in our hearts.
Your dedication to our family was top notch.

Love always,
Emmerich Bauer and family (Christian, Laura & Quinn)

Midwives of Brampton & Halton Hills

A small note to our midwife team: Debbie, Lindsay, Naomi, Shannon, Jasmine and Amanda

A baby's hand in two adult hands.

To the brave and beautiful women who are living out their true vocations, I am honoured to have been welcomed into this world by you.

No matter my size, from “poppy seed” to “watermelon”, you treated me with dignity, advocating for me. 

You made sure my home, from womb to arms, was always well cared for, tended to and heard.

When my mama and I had some trouble understanding each other in those early days, you were our translators, helping us learn the language of new life.

I praise God for the gift of you. Your presence in my life, and in the lives of my parents, has been a beautiful blessing, especially in the midst of this pandemic. 

Thank you for filling my first memories with safety, warmth and love.

With a grateful heart,


Family Midwifery Care

Dear Galya, Debbi, and Emily,

Thank you for taking care of me and my mommy while I grew inside her. You helped her and daddy feel so informed about and involved in the decisions surrounding our care right from the first time you virtually met. This made them feel so confident! Despite the state of the world right now, you took the time to get to know mom and dad and their preferences for pregnancy and birth through virtual care. 

You introduced mommy and daddy to the possibility for me to be born at home, which was not something they had seriously considered before. You made them feel so safe and good about the idea of delivering me at home that they began to prepare for a home birth! When it came time for me arrive, you helped me and mom stay safe and cared for in our very own home. I got to meet my mom and dad right in the bedroom that we still share together, and that is so special! 

Thank you so much for continuing to take such good care of me and mommy after I was born. Your willingness to take time helping and sharing knowledge, and your kindness and care have helped give me the best start possible in this amazing and crazy world! 


Locke Quan-Hin

A newborn baby lying on their side covered in a knitted blanket.

Midwives of Headwater Hills

Hi! I’m Brinley Hannah!

Do I have a story to tell.

Firstly, my Mom says that my brother Owen is so awesome that her and Dad decided to have another awesome human, me!  Secondly, my Mom said she was fortunate to have her team of Midwives plus Mary Grace who was finishing up her practicum. Mom also told me that Midwife Hannah is very special to us and without her, Mom wouldn’t have had a good experience with my brother and more importantly my birth story would have gone like this;  “Dad catches baby girl at the end of the bed”. 

Thankful for Hannah and Linda who made my unplanned home birth safe, comfortable and memorable. We also cannot thank Stephanie and Mary Grace enough for all the check ups upon and after my arrival. Even though it was Mommy’s second baby she was grateful for the extra care and help amongst these pandemic times.

Finally, if you didn’t recognize it before, Mom and Dad decided my middle name should be after Hannah the Midwife.  I am honoured and hope that I grow up to be as patient, intelligent, beautiful, and strong like her.  

Much love, Brinley. 

Grand Valley Midwives

A baby sitting up in the corner of a couch.

It was a little more than 6 months ago when I got to meet you Lindsay!

My mom was so nervous I’d come early, and I think I had you fooled too. My big brother may like to show up early to the party, but I enjoyed those last few weeks in mama’s tummy. Thank you for being a calm and encouraging voice to my mom while I was in there, it was so nice for her to feel confident in bringing me earth side after having a surprising experience with my brother. I knew we could do this at home with your help.

Thank you for supporting her and my dad to bring me earth side, and helping my mommy to believe she could birth me at home, what an empowering experience for us both. It is such a lovely place here and I couldn’t imagine being held in her arms for the first time anywhere else.

You took great care of me while Heather made sure mommy was well after I made my appearance. Thank you for all the home visits during my early days, it made life much easier for my mom and I as it got colder outside. We couldn’t have asked for a better team to get us started off, and for that we will always be grateful!

Hats off to the best midwives.
With love from,

Midwives of Headwater Hills

A family of four, each parent holding a young baby.

Dear Amelia, Heather, Melissa & Linda,

I was so excited to hear that my mama and I got to have the same Midwives as my big sister a year ago! We realized that these amazing women were truly meant to be in our life – especially if I was coming earth side during the beginning of a global pandemic… whatever that means… 

No one knew what was happening in the world, but our birth team made my mama feel confident and comfortable every step of the way, even when our in person care had to change and we had to keep our distance… but the quality of care my mama received was still exceptional, just as it was for my sister. 

I knew I was in good hands, so that’s why I decided to come earth side soo fast, that Amelia was only at our house for a half hour setting up, and I wanted to come and meet everyone and join the party of my mama’s amazing rock-and-roll-birth-party-pain-management-playlist! 

I am so thankful that my mama got to experience another beautiful and flawless homebirth, my family has so much love in our hearts for these intelligent, kind, caring, amazing Midwives. I am forever grateful that the first hands to catch me were kind and compassionate ones.

Thankyou forever,
Willow Star (& Monika, Bob & Hazel Moon)

Midwives of Headwater Hills

Dear Hannah, Linda, Stephanie & Mary Grace,

Next to finding out I was created, my mom was so excited to be accepted into your care at the Midwives of Headwater Hills! Although I haven’t made an appearance into the world yet (I’ve been told it’s anytime now but I’m pretty comfortable), I can already tell that my mom is a huge worrywart.

A pregnant person lying on their back with a stuffed bunny in front with the name Joseph written on it.

Luckily, all of your care, expertise, and guidance have helped her feel safe, comfortable, and confident. Every time she worried about something (even though I was trying to tell her I was fine), I could tell how happy and appreciative she was when all of her questions and concerns were quickly addressed. 

I also keep hearing my mom and dad talk about how this year is so different, and how there are all of these new rules. Apparently there’s a pandemic?! I can imagine that’s tough on anyone, but as my parent’s first baby, they were particularly anxious about navigating these waters. But again, you were all there to reassure them that despite these trying times, everything will work out and continued to provide high quality care.

Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed, as I can tell when my mom and dad constantly rave about all of you to friends and family. I have only met you from your pokes through my mom’s belly, but I want to thank you for taking such good care of my parents and me! I can’t wait to meet you!

Forever Grateful,

Joseph Janicki (typed by my mom and dad, Julia and Sebastian Janicki)

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