Midwife checking a newborn baby at a home birth in Ontario
Finally, a reason to celebrate amidst the chaos of this unprecedented time – today is the International Day of the Midwife and this year’s theme is “Midwives with Women: celebrate, demonstrate, mobilize, unite – our time is now!”   Women and midwives for a gender-equal world.

As families who have been supported by the incredible midwives in our communities, we encourage you to share you stories on social media, using the hashtag #IThankMyMidwife or #IThank{yourmidwife’sname}.  Be sure to add #Midwives2020 and #IDM2020 to your posts as well.

As we do every year, we have reached out to families to share their birth stories from the perspective of their little one – a love letter, if you will, to their midwifery team.  We want to thank the incredible midwives that work in our communities for their dedication, especially during these uncertain times when their work puts them and their families at risk to continue to offer their unparalleled care to birthing families.

So, without further ado…. bring on the babies!

Midwives of Headwater Hills
Dear Stephanie, Linda & Hannah,

How great it is to have the option of a natural home birth for my arrival coming soon!
I’m not entirely sure what is going on out there right now, but I’m so grateful to have the option of being welcomed into our home, upon my first breath!
From what I gather, I have a sister waiting to meet me too!  I know you looked after my momma and her, during her big escape! Looking forward to meeting you and having a meaningful and natural arrival.
Apparently, my momma gets a little crazy with all natural things, so we are stoked for another adventure.. or she is, I’m just along for the ride!

Thank you for all you do!

Baby Martin to come!
(Tallon, Sarah and Iris) 

Midwives of Brampton & Halton Hills
Dear Ama, Mariana & Rebecca,

(Ama and I at my final postnatal visit)

My mom can’t stop singing praises about her experience under your care. She knew that she wanted her pregnancy and ultimately my birth to be handled in the most natural way possible, and that is exactly what we experienced.

From the first appointment that she was able to listen to my heartbeat and record it on her phone, to my early arrival at 36w 6d (what can I say, I was as eager to meet her as she was to meet me), everything was PERFECT.

My daddy even ended up providing assistance to Ama with delivery, while mommy pushed for approximately ten minutes. I was so excited to meet my parents and grateful for the team that kept Mom and I safe throughout it all, even if my initial cries would have you thinking otherwise. What can I say, it’s hard work being born and because of our midwives and our doulas, the entire experience was simply magical.

Words will never be enough to thank you for all that you do. Still, thank you.

With so much love and gratitude
Evangeline and her mommy and daddy

Midwives of Headwater Hills
Dear Melissa, Heather & Emilia,

Hello! Baby Kayden here! I remember hearing your voices at my check ups and answering my mommy’s 2nd time pregnancy questions. You answered them all and reassured my mommy that my arrival will be just as smooth as my Big Sister Kensley 🙂

At our 38 week checkup, I remember hearing Melissa tell mommy she was going to have me that week but mommy was stubborn and said she didn’t believe you and still went to work! Boy did I surprise her!

Luckily mommy stayed home that morning (and so did Daddy) and my arrival came at warp speed. Mommy yelled at Daddy “CALL MELISSA NOW!” and Daddy did what he was told. Melissa, you were at our home within 20 minutes of Daddy’s call and I was born within the hour. Mommy and Daddy didn’t know I was a boy so we all found out together! And boy oh boy, I was a BIG boy!

Thank you for delivering me in the comfort of our home and keeping my mommy calm and confident during my delivery. My parents will be forever grateful for your care, knowledge and support you all provided us. You will all be forever in our hearts! xo

Baby Kayden, Big Sister Kensley (both home birth babies), Daddy & Mommy (Bryan and Jessica Maiato)

Dear Midwives of Headwater Hills,

You were the first to hear my heartbeat. You were the first to feel my tiny body inside of Mommy. You were the first to greet me Earth side with your smile and words of encouragement. You were the first to weigh me, to check me over and to make sure I was safe and healthy. You took great care of my Mommy and made her feel safe and heard. You watched over us for nine whole months, and continued to take care of us even when once I was born. Your worth is immeasurable. Thank you for being a constant source of comfort, health and empowerment. 

With love, 
Breen Wilkins

Midwives of Headwater Hills
Dear Hannah, Melissa and Linda,

Where do I even begin? You are all super heroes.
Thank you for making my arrival earth side safe and comforting.
From the first appointment for me, you were always reassuring and supportive. Mommy was nervous about having another beautiful home birth after my big sister set the bar pretty high. But at each appointment you reminded her that different could still be perfect.
When the big day came, I wanted to keep Mom and Dad on their toes. Mommy’s water breaking two weeks early was just the way to kick off my grand entrance. Thank you Hannah for making it to our house just in time. Mommy was getting pretty worried that Daddy would have to catch me, but you made it and were amazing. You took such great care of both me and Mommy. Thank you Linda for coming soon after. You took wonderful care of me, and calmly reassured Mommy that everything worked out perfectly while she sipped a cup of tea.

As a second born, I really wanted to stand out, and kept creating reasons for everyone to visit me. Thank you Hannah for coming in the middle of the night and the supportive chats with Mommy on the phone. Thank you Melissa for making sure that Mommy and I were staying happy and healthy during her recovery.
Thank you to the Headwaters Midwives for everything that you do to make birth beautiful and supported. You provide positive birth experiences for families in many different ways and are true heroes. You’ll also be the first to know when the next Baby Gill is on it’s way. Let’s plan to have a big sleepover so no one misses it. They’ll probably be as excited to meet you as I was and want to get here even quicker!

Love Jayveer Gill

Grand Valley Midwives
Dear Michele, Sylvia & Heather,

I just want to thank you for helping me come into this world safe & healthy. All of you took great care of Mommy again; before and after I made my entrance.
Heather & Silvia helped alongside the OB and nurses to make my fast entrance flawless and perfect. I was happy to see Michele and Silvia visit me at home after where we were most comfortable.
Me & my big sister Melanie are keeping Mommy & Daddy busy. They are so thankful for your support that was given and continue to say great things about all of you. They were a little anxious and worried bringing me into the world during a pandemic but you tried to ease their minds as things changed day to day.
If Mommy & Daddy are lucky enough to have more babies, they said they can’t imagine having the support and care of anyone else.

Maybe we will see you again!
Love, Briella Coulter
March 31,2020
Big sister Melanie Jessica & Keith

Midwives of Headwater Hills
Dear Stephanie, Hannah & Linda,

My Mummy tells me that I was born at a very interesting time in the world. But she also tells me that she had a team of very wonderful ladies that took care of her while I was growing inside of her and when I was brought into the crazy world. Mummy told me that she felt very confident bringing me into this world because of the great expertise you all had.
When my time came to make an appearance, Mummy was hoping that it would be quick and problem free; but that wasn’t what her body had planned for her. I was ready to join the family, and Ms. Stephanie was on call to bring me in! Ms. Stephanie helped Mummy’s body do what it was suppose to do so that I could start my journey in! After a long 33 hours, I came into this world in the wee hours of the morning. Ms. Stephanie was there throughout it all to help and guide Mummy. She is very thankful to have had such great support to help me start my adventure in this thing called life! Mummy was right though; it was a very crazy world as everyone had masks on their faces so I couldn’t tell who was who! Even when we had visits at home and at the clinic, they still had masks on their faces. I hope one day I get to see their beautiful faces behind those masks!

I still haven’t been allowed to meet any of my family, only through FaceTime. You ladies are like family to me right now because you are the only people I am allowed to see besides Mummy & Daddy. We will miss you when our visits end. You have helped us and supported us through this long but rewarding chapter in life, and you all made it a happy journey to have gone through (even during the hard moments I gave Mummy). I know Mummy will look forward to having your support when her and Daddy decide to bring me a brother or sister (but she said that won’t be for a few years!!!!).

Thank you for all that you do,
Archie Chambers (proud parents, Nina & Richard) 

Midwives of Headwater Hills
Dear Midwife,

Even though we’ve only met in person a few times, I owe you a huge amount of thanks and appreciation on behalf of myself, my mom and the rest of my family. 
Thank you for taking care of my mom when she was scared, worried, anxious and sad when I was first growing inside of her.  I didn’t mean to cause her so much worry and fear, and I know it wasn’t my fault that that pesky bleeding kept coming and going, but you made sure to take the time to listen to her, to provide a sense of calm, and to offer the care and support that she needed to stay healthy at the start of her journey with me.
Thank you for welcoming my older brother into your office on days when my dad worked, and mom had to bring him with her.  Even when he set your phone system off, you were still patient and kind with the chaos and excitement that he was bringing into your office.
Thank you for providing my family with the necessary tools to help bring me safely into this world at home.  Even though you weren’t able to make it in time for my big (and quick) arrival, your services and care allowed for my aunt, who is also a midwife, to be a big part of my arrival into this world, and made for a pretty special family story to share for years to come.
Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement to both myself and my mom as my family adjusted to becoming a family of 4, and as I figured out this whole breastfeeding thing – man it took some work to figure that one out!
Thank you for taking care of me and checking in on me to make sure that I was growing and adjusting to being out in the ‘real world’ – man January is a cold time of year to be introduced to the real world.
And finally, thank you for everything you do and offer to our community.  Both myself and my older brother have been so lucky to have been in your wonderful care, as I know many, many other babies have been as well.

Abigail Glassford