Our experience with Carol Anne was nothing short of amazing.   We came across Carol Anne late in my pregnancy at around 34 weeks.  She was incredibly understanding of our wants and needs and was totally accommodating to our short time frame. 

During our initial meeting with her, both my husband and I got a very friendly and experienced vibe from Carol Anne.  Her sense of humour helped comfort us and she had such genuine interested and love for what she does.

Carol Anne met with us on a few occasions before the birth to better help my husband and I mentally and physically prepare for labour.  We were able to comfortably and confidently discuss important things we would like to have happen on the big day such as skin to skin and delayed cord cutting. Carol Anne was able to provide us with lots of knowledge and information about the many benefits of both following labour.  During our second visit Carol Anne taught us many different birthing positions and calming techniques that would help me through contractions on the day of.  ​ Leading up to the day I went into labour Carol Anne was always available to chat over the phone.  She helped me understand different things I was experiencing during pre labour and was there to support me through all my mixed feelings and emotions about what we were both about to experience.  I had many fears leading up to delivery and Carol Anne was able to talk through them with me from an experienced point of view which was exactly what my husband and I needed.

On the day of I was slow to be admitted after being assessed.  Once we got the green light and that things were going to be progressing Carol Anne was right there by our side through the entire process.  She was there to provide moral support and help me to maintain my calm vibe.  As doctors and nurses came and went she was there with my husband and I.  She was the breath of fresh air for my husband with her sense of humour and she was my motivation to stay strong with all of her encouragement.  As I began to push Carol Anne was there to coach me through and to capture photos of the experience.  The photos were so incredibly special to have to later reflect on the whole experience and to have as lasting memories of the best day of our lives.

Thank you Carol Anne for all you have done, you helped us through such a emotional point in our lives and we cant thank you enough.

~ Amy and Bryan