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Recommendations from resident expert, Vicky Celestini

Baby we know it’s cold outside, but we won’t let that keep you in all winter. Now more than ever it is important to fill your day with things to do that bring you joy (and a sense of normalcy!)

But have you ever tried to navigate a stroller along a snowy sidewalk?

It’s not fun! So why not opt to babywear your infant instead (could you guess I was going to suggest that?)

With a few helpful product suggestions, tips, and tricks you and your baby will be out enjoying our beautiful Canadian Winter well before the season is over.

You have your baby carrier—perfect start! If you don’t have a carrier yet here are some options to consider.

Hopefully you have attended one of the amazing FREE baby carrying info-sessions hosted by Lifetime of Love taught my ME (hence referring to myself as the Resident Expert) featuring all you need to know on getting the right carrier for you, and how to use it safely with ease.

But what now?

When it comes to winter-babywearing it is really simple…you just need the right stuff, and the following is a list of gear to consider when winter-wearing:

  1. When it comes to cold-weather-wearing it is all about layers and having the right coat.

    First things first – do not put your baby in a snowsuit and then in their carrier. Snowsuit and jacket fabrics can be slippery for carriers; bulky suits also create too much slack in the straps of the carrier (waist and shoulders) and both of these issues create a fall-risk when babywearing.

    Also important: an over-bundled baby creates a risk for overheating, which can be uncomfortable and dangerous.

    Instead, opt to dress yourself and your baby in warm-ish layers and wear a coat over both of you for extra warmth. You can buy a specialty babywearing coat, a zippered-insert extension for your regular winter coat, you can use an old maternity coat, or you can get a larger-than-your-size coat that will easily zip up over both of you.

  2. Extremities…we have you covered!

    Neck: because you’ll have a coat zipped over you both, which also gives you enough room to look down at your snug baby, your neck will likely be exposed to the elements. On a chilly or windy day you should consider using a neck warmer. Try and avoid using a long scarf. Scarves are too bulky and might obscure air flow and access to your baby.

    Head: Don’t forget a cozy hat for you and your baby!

    Hands and feet: if you can score one, a fuzzy one-piece fleece suit with built-in hand and feet coverings will be invaluable. They are warm (but not too warm), and you don’t need to worry about losing little mitts and booties along the way.

  3. One extremity that deserves its own numbered point is your baby’s face (and yours!).

    We want you to resist the urge to cover your baby’s face with any kind of fabric; it is not safe and breaks rule #1 – VISIBLE BABY.

    We understand that the instinct is there because the wind on a chilly day can be brutal. Instead please option to protect your baby’s face with a facial balm that acts as a barrier!

    Lifetime of Love has you covered – check out our Winter Baby Balm here.

  4. Boots…we can’t express how important great boots will be for you!

    ***HOT TIP ALERT *** put on your boots on first before loading your baby into their carrier and bundling up. As I am sure you can imagine it will be damn-near impossible to bend down once you’ve got your baby on board.

    Let’s talk about the boots… it is much easier to babywear in wintery conditions wearing sturdy, lots-of-grip boots. If you can slip them on or put them on with one hand-BONUS! Trust me, laces will be the bane of your existence this winter.

  5. What about all our stuff?

    Invest in a good backpack. You might not think of this as a “need to have” item when it comes to babywearing but trust me regular one-strap diaper bags are difficult to keep on when babywearing (this counts for all seasons). Depending on the length of your walk don’t forget some snacks and water for yourself!

There you have it. These are my best recommendations on the gear you will need to babywear this Winter with ease. Get outside and enjoy this special time with your baby…don’t let the cold stop you!

As professional Baby Carrying Educator and member of the Lifetime of Love team, Victoria Celestini’s services are dedicated to helping caregivers gain access to basic baby carrying practice and baby carrier knowledge! She is dedicated to providing families and caregivers access to basic and practical knowledge on using a baby carrier, safely and with ease. As private consultant Victoria will cater to the needs of your specific baby and the needs of your family. “Keep your babies close, carry them near your heart and let your love show!”