It’s International Babywearing Week! (September 30th-October 6th, 2019). Does this have any special meaning to you? As a Baby Carrying Educator I am always so excited for I.B.W.. There are lots of special posts by baby carrier companies (hello, giveaways!) and, in general, my social media feeds are a little more flooded with adorable babywearing pictures. If this week doesn’t have any particular landmark in your life, at least we can both agree it highlights the mighty baby carrier as a parenting tool with so much value; otherwise why would they dedicate a special week to it?

I’m a self proclaimed Baby Carrying Rock Star!

Woman carrying a baby in a buckled baby carrier taking a selfie

Something you should know about me: I am a self-proclaimed baby carrying rockstar (a.k.a. nerd); this is because I love all baby carriers and I am knowledgeable about the practice of baby carrying. I am heavy into the whole baby carrier world, but with good reason! I have made it my life’s passion to help families learn to safely use a baby carrier to improve their parenting journey. Why? Well, because I fell in love with baby carriers (gasp!)…when I first became a mom I needed to have my son close to me at all times while I was navigating motherhood for the first time. I was nervous, over-cautious and I had a firm hands-off policy when it came to my first born. Thank you, baby carrier for helping me keep it all together—in more ways than one! Enter baby #2…I am a little less “hands-off” and a little more “what day is it?”, “why do I have so many kids” (Those of you who are raising 3, 4, 5+ kids you are laughing at me right now, aren’t you?)

Baby Carrier to the rescue

woman carrying a baby in a ringsling

In any case, there was the baby carrier again, this time coming to the rescue for a different reason…helping me be hands-free while I did the mom-thing with two. I was able to keep active with my son, resume my small business work and my daughter could come along for the ride! Listen, you can own a baby carrier and not be an enthusiast like myself; heck, you don’t even have to have a single feeling about them…in fact, most of the families I work with are just trying to learn how to use a baby carrier safely to get the basics done.

Whatever the reason you want to utilize this awesome tool,
I am here to tell you your baby thanks you.

Nothing fosters the attachment bond between a caregiver and a child the way carrying does. When your baby is close to you, you are able to readily respond to their needs and a sense of calm fills both of your bodies, sometimes almost immediately. I know I just got a little deep, but I am just so overwhelmed with how amazing the humble baby carrier is. So, Happy International Babywearing Week; I am thrilled to have put a little spotlight on the baby carrier and share my passion with you!

As professional Baby Carrying Educator and member of the Lifetime of Love team, Victoria Celestini’s services are dedicated to helping caregivers gain access to basic baby carrying practice and baby carrier knowledge! She is dedicated to providing families and caregivers access to basic and practical knowledge on using a baby carrier, safely and with ease. As private consultant Victoria will cater to the needs of your specific baby and the needs of your family. “Keep your babies close, carry them near your heart and let your love show!”