When I found out my mom had terminal brain cancer I was 5 months pregnant with my second child and had a 15 month old daughter. I had just turned 30 years old. My world fell away from me as I had to process this dreadful news while trying to remain as healthy as possible for the well-being of the baby I was carrying. 

My first experience with a newborn was hard. I suffered from postpartum depression and struggled deeply with my new role as a mother. Breastfeeding, lack of sleep, general chaos were all things that made motherhood challenging for me. I knew how hard the beginning with a baby was – and this time not only would I also have a 20 month old to take care of, I would be dealing with the emotional aspects of a very sick mother who was quickly succumbing to her cancer diagnosis. 

I knew of Lifetime of Love doulas through their community work, and after discussing with my husband, decided it would be a good idea to hire them on for support in the weeks following my sons birth.

“I met with Sarah & Carol Anne and they were both truly supportive of my situation. They ensured that no matter what I needed, they would be able to provide the help my family would require.”

A little over a day after my son was born, my beautiful mom passed away. It was both the hardest and most wonderful time of my life as an irreplaceable person left my life and a new one entered. ​

Sarah was our primary doula and she was such a comfort when I needed it most. To be completely honest, our experience parenting our son was very different than our first. All the things that plagued us with our daughter were now something we had already experienced and mastered. It really made me feel regretful that we didn’t consider a doula for our first child – something I would highly recommend to any new parent. 

Sarah was there for us as emotional support.  She was there to answer any questions we had – and most importantly, she helped feed our family!

There are so many benefits to having a doula supporting you through a time when there are so many variables, questions, areas of concern. The knowledge is priceless and the moral and emotional support is invaluable. It can be an investment for some to hire a doula; but having experienced 2 children, one with and one without – I highly recommend choosing Lifetime of Love to help guide you through such an important time in your life. ​