Happy International Day of the Midwife to the amazing midwives who work in our communities!  The theme for this year is Midwives:  Defenders of Women’s Rights.  Celebrating this special day has become a sort of tradition for us, as we reach out to families  and ask them for “Love Letters” written from the perspective of their Little Ones who were brought into the world under midwifery care.

Thank you to the Midwives of Headwater Hills and the Grand Valley Midwives for the impact you have had on our communities!

Midwives of Headwater Hills
Dear Emilia, Hannah & Heather,

You all took such amazing care of my Mommy when she was preparing for my big arrival. Taking the time to make sure she was happy, healthy and informed. When I decided it was go time she was not expecting my quick arrival. She didn’t even have time to make it to the hospital. Emilia you made it there with only 20 minutes to spare! I should have given more notice, but you handled it like a true professional. With no time to make it to the hospital you did the best with what you had and coached my Mom with such confidence and calm. I am sure glad it was you that caught me while Hannah and my Dad held Mommy’s hand at home in their bed. Here is a picture of Hannah weighing me. You all have a special place in my moms heart. She says you are her heroes!

Thank you,
​Eliza Webb

Midwives of Headwater Hills
To my real life storks,

Mama tells me that storks are a sign of good luck and, if that’s true, I was one of the luckiest girls to have my storks; Midwife Linda and Midwife Stephanie.

I could literally feel the joy that Mama felt as Papa drove with her to their first appointment at the clinic. Midwife student Hannah walked us through the clinic’s practice and philosophy and answered all of my parents questions- I knew from that moment on that these were the  ladies I would meet on my birthday.

Throughout my big growth spurt in mama’s belly- we would go visit Linda or Stephanie periodically and they would give me a little massage to make sure I was growing, and the let me sing karaoke with my heartbeat.

I could tell my parents always left feeling encouraged, confident, prepared and well cared for because they would always talk about the visit the whole way home-and mom would talk really fast which is what she does when she’s excited!

When I finally met you fabulous ladies, Stephanie was there in the wee hours of the morning when I entered the world, and Cool Hand Linda was there to check on me in the first couple weeks at home.

Thank you so much for being a love filled team to support my mama and papa and me as we officially became a family.

Thank you so much for being a love filled team to support my mama and papa and me as we officially became a family.

Lucy Singh
02 Jan 2019

Typed by my parents; Parm Singh and Jess Wagner

Midwives of Headwater Hills
Dear Linda, Stephanie and Hannah,

Hi! It’s Owen. Thank you for taking such great care of my Mommy while she was growing me. ​

​I know that she is very grateful for all three of you and without you I think my birth story would be much different.  I know she was unsure about being a Mom – to a human because I have two fur siblings whom Mommy loves probably more than anything else in the world; now I am in that circle! At each appointment you all made her feel like everything she was feeling was okay and that she was doing amazing to help me grow and be healthy.  

I know she is also thankful for you all letting her be herself throughout the appointments and the delivery! The delivery – my birth – wow! I came two weeks early, Mommy didn’t even finish work yet. I came unexpected and it was a big snow storm the morning I was born.  Mommy says that she was not ready and she told Hannah and Stephanie that but I didn’t care, I was coming!  I didn’t give her too hard of a time overnight – and I got her body ready for a quick delivery.  It’s like I knew she needed to have an okay time with my birth since she was unsure about having a baby in the first place.  

Thank you Hannah and Linda for making it to the hospital safely in the storm.  I was born with no issues but Mommy had a little bit of hemorrhaging so she needed some care, but because of the amazing staff she was okay very quickly.  I was proud when you all came to my house and I showed you my nursery.  I really like being weighed in the hanging scale too. I am glad I got to see you weekly at the beginning of my life so Mommy knew I was okay and growing well.  I’m not sure if Mommy will have another baby – she said she isn’t but Daddy told me I have to ask when I am a little older.  ​ If that does happen then Mommy will be back because she couldn’t imagine being without you again.  I am happy, healthy and here because you – Linda, Stephanie and Hannah – took care of my Mommy and me.  I am forever grateful for you. 

​Love, Owen ​​

Midwives of Headwater Hills
Dear Heather, Amelia & Linda,

Thank you for empowering my Mama and Dada to have an amazing home birth. I knew I was in good hands coming earthside, and I was so confident in your skills that I decided to play a joke on you all and held my breath when I arrived… gotcha!

Thankyou for giving the best prenatal care to my Mama, you really helped her feel like her choices and opinions mattered in bringing me into the world.

We all looked forward to seeing you for our postnatal visits, you always reassured my Mama & Dada that they were doing the right thing and that they were doing their very best.

I’m really happy and thankful that you were there to take care of all of us, we always felt safe and loved.

We are forever greatful for all of you.


Grand Valley Midwives
Michele, Naomi, Heather & Lindsay

My mom and dad talk so much about all of you & how you helped them while I was still in my mommy’s belly. They tell me you were so helpful and answered all of Daddy’s questions. ​

Michele and Lindsay were wonderful during labor and kept on telling my mommy she was doing a great job! I was so happy that Naomi & Michele were able to come to my house so I didn’t have to go on too many car rides.

Mommy and Daddy & me can’t wait till we come back and visit you again soon.

Jessica & Keith
October 24, 2018
Grand Valley Midwives.

Midwives of Headwater Hills
A letter to my superhero’s, I mean Midwives Melissa & Emilia:

I heard you while I was growing inside of mama, I heard you answer all of her ridiculous questions and tell her everything would be great. I heard you tell her she had many options, and just because I was a little big didn’t mean she couldn’t have me naturally. I heard you tell her all the tricks to try to get me out before induction day – but I was stubborn. I liked hearing you from inside. It was nice and comfy in there!

I heard you reassure mama as the day and night went on after they induced her. I heard you reassure her everything was okay when she cried as my heart rate went just a little too high.

I heard you, Melissa, when you gave your honest opinion that I didn’t want to drop and a c section might be the best choice. I heard you in that moment, and my heart raced a little higher. You were right, I made that decision for mama.

I know my mama was terrified being wheeled into the OR, but I knew she was in the best hands. I knew you and the team of doctors would be great. I knew you would make sure I was perfect and I would get to meet my mama & papa.

Thank you. I am so grateful you were the one of the first voices I heard, and were the first person to care for me. You were so gentle and loving, and I’m extremely thankful you let me meet my mama right away. I was a little worried I’d get carted off and would meet her later – but I was hungry. So thank you! Without you I might not have met my mama or ate (gosh being born works up your appetite) for hours. 

I’ll be forever thankful for you. I hope you hear me when I say, you really make being born easy. And we definitely love you for that!

Lenora Pearl (July 18, 2018)

PS – thank you for helping Papa change my first diaper, I was a little worried for a moment there, but he learnt from the best so he’s a pro now!