The theme for this year’s International Day of the Midwife is “Midwives, Mothers & Families:  Partners for Life”. 

When we reached out to the families in the Headwater Hills region to participate in a project  supporting our local midwifery practice Midwives of Headwater Hills, we were overwhelmed by the response.

To the incredible Midwives of Headwater Hills, both past and present thank you for all that you do!  We look forward to celebrating with you at your Annual Picnic at the end of the month.

​This blog is for you and it is from the very babies you welcomed into the world!

To our midwives,

​My Mommy says you all helped me and my little sister come into this world and I just want to say thank you. 

When I was growing inside my Mommy I made her really sick and so did my sister, poor Mommy, but you gave her hope that it would get better and it did. 

I was a stubborn breech baby and my sister caused my Mommy to have blood pressure issues but you were still there to welcome us into the world even though it wasn’t the traditional way of doing it.  ​

You supported my Mommy even after we were born and she was recovering and having trouble breastfeeding me. 

A happy Mommy makes for a happy baby so thank you Kylie, Emilia, Stephanie, Suzanne and Jenna ️

Love, Marley and Everly Letterio 

To the person whose hands first held me,

Before my first breath you caught me.

You placed me on my mom so I could feel her heart on mine.

In that moment we forgot to look at you.

To see the way you looked at us,

​…to see you really shine.

~ Dallas

Dear Emilia, Linda, and Amber

I was a first-born baby and posterior, which was very tough for my mom. Emilia was involved right away and made sure mommy and me were healthy and comfortable. Amber always had a genuine smile and excitement which helped my mommy stay positive, and Linda’s gentle guidance helped mommy stay relaxed.

Thanks to all of my wonderful midwives, I was welcomed safely in my home January 2015.

Natalya Sansone

Emilia your patience with my Mom was remarkable. She had no idea she was in labour until you told her to start making phone calls. Although you tried to help rub her back, she was past that point lol. I made a quick appearance when you were shocked Mommy’s water broke so rapidly everywhere in the bathroom. Mom told me you even started cleaning it up. Mom was ready then to push me out and you were right there by her side. Thank YOU for bringing me into this great world of so many amazing opportunities!

Stephanie I’m really sorry my Mom yelled at you when she got the needle in her leg from you. She didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Cameron, born June 3 2014 at HHCC.

Dear Melissa,

​You were one of the very first faces I saw, and boy am I so happy it was your smiling and kind face. I have so many things to thank you for!

​It all started when I was in Mommy’s tummy still, you were so comforting and reassuring when my mommy was worried about me, you kept a close watch on me and made sure my mommy knew all her options, helping to guide her to plan for my birth and what would be safest for both of us.

Thank you for helping me gently onto my Mommy’s chest as soon as I came into this new strange world, and letting me stay there where I was so safe and comfortable. You patiently waited until both mommy and I were ready before you weighed me and checked me over to look at how perfect I was.

I will be forever grateful for the loving and nurturing way you helped me into this world.


Dear April,

You helped me to get the greatest start for life.

​I will always remember your warm touch and calming voice.

​Love, Ada

Dear Melissa, Stephanie and Jenna,

Thank you so much for helping my mommy have a safe and healthy time carrying me while I grew big and strong. I grew so big I needed extra help coming into this exciting world and you were there for me with all the right tests and tools, and advice for my parents too! When I had trouble gaining weight you showed us a lot of things that helped us out. Thank you for all you did for my mommy and me!

Love Annabella
​July 23rd 2016

Dear Emilia, April & Kylene,

There will never be the right words to say how much you mean to us, and our parents.

Every appointment we were met with loving, caring smiles, reassuring words and the best care we could ever wish for. You were the calm voice in the OR when we were born, holding mom’s hand, placing us in our dad’s arms for the very first time.

You always knew what to say and do those first few days when emotions were high, and questions abundant – thank you for the reassurance that mom and dad were doing the best job – because they still are! Our birth story, and entrance into this world will never be complete without you in it – thank you for all that you did for our family, and all the other families out there. You are all so special, and will absolutely never be forgotten.

Brett & Kate Carroll

Mom & Dad : Stacey & Derek Carroll
Born at Headwaters
Brett – 6lb12oz 11/5/2013 with Emilia & Kylene
Kate – 7lb4oz 01/12/2016 with Emilia & April

To Melissa, Claudie, Jenna and Linda:

You all made an impact on my entrance into the world and were always so compassionate and understanding with my mummy when she was scared and worried about labour and delivering me. Melissa and Claudie made sure I arrived safely even though my mummy changed plans last minute and things were rushed and hectic.


Dear April,

I wanted to thank you so much for everything you did for me and for my mom and for my dad. Even though I wasn’t ready to greet the world, my mom was unwell so it was time. Thanks to your expertise and quick action, my mom and I made it through safe and healthy. Thank you so much for doing what you do!!


Simon Henry McNally

Dear Emilia,

I’m writing to thank you for helping me, my mom, and my dad. You were awesome on the day I was born, and you being there was really great for us all. Your supportive and caring nature really helped me and my mom and dad adjust to my new life earthside. It was a bumpy start but you made things much better for us. Thank you so much for being you!!


Simon Henry McNally

Dear Linda and Stephanie,

Thank you for taking such good care of me and my mommy. I was her first baby and she was very nervous. You made sure she felt comfortable, loved, supported and prepared for my arrival. When I came into this world you held me tight and made sure mommy, daddy and me were all safe.

I couldn’t imagine entering the world any other way than under your care.

​Love, Hailey Phillips

Dear Jenna and Emilia,

I want to thank you for all you’ve done for me and my mom. You kept mommy healthy, especially when she was anemic, and put up with me putting mommy through multiple false labours. You also helped make sure I got through my jaundice okay, and encouraged mommy to keep on breastfeeding, even though I needed to supplement pretty heavily at the beginning.

Jenna, you were the only one to come visit us while I was in the hospital for jaundice, and we both appreciated the visit! It’s very lonely there, with only seeing nurses and doctors a few minutes a day (though I slept through most of it!)
Thanks for all you’ve done for mommy. She was so happy that you took her on for my pregnancy, and her last one. That last pregnancy didn’t end well, but at least it allowed mommy to get the testing she needed for peace of mind to be done for me… plus she found out I was a boy pretty early! Imagine my sisters’ shock at finding out they were getting a brother!

I’m sure I gave you lots of trouble, too. I thought it was pretty funny that you couldn’t tell which way I was sitting around the end!

What you do means so much to so many. Thank you for being such a big part of my life! You helped bring me into this world – Emilia’s was the first face I saw! I bet that wasn’t how you were planning on spending your Valentine’s Day, but I’m glad you were there. I didn’t know how to smile then, but I love to smile now!

Thanks again! I’m going to go bug mommy for some dinner now.
Patrick Spoor, and my mommy Mercedes

Dear Melissa,

​Thank you so much for helping to bring me into this world. I know my mum and dad really appreciate that you came to their home on a Friday night that you weren’t on call to help me be born. My mum was in the birthing pool and I felt her relax when you arrived. I think she must have really trusted you and felt very confident being in your care. I know that I was in a big hurry as well so you probably didn’t have a lot of time to get organized but you somehow brought me into the world in a smooth, calm and easy manner. Thank you and the rest of the midwife team for being such amazing women, I will always be grateful.

​ Heidi Dilba

Dear Linda and Claudie,

This was my moms second time around but her first getting to know me. Every time I heard you talk to her during our appointments I knew we were surrounded by love and fun. You were both there to welcome me into the world, and I made sure to make a splash when I did. You were such an important part of our lives. Thank you for taking such good care of my mommy and me.

​Love, Dylan Phillips

Dearest Stephanie, Linda, Natalie, Kylene & Sarah Hannah,

​Thank you for being there for our parents on our birth days. Your confidence in birth, and in our mom’s ability to birth were a big part of the reason why both of us were born at home.

I remember being one of the youngest babies to “March for the Midwives” as we supported your efforts to gain additional privileges in our local hospital – we were so proud to stand with you that day!

We heard that you got to enjoy some homemade strudel and other home made treats made by our great-grandma after your work was all done? They were pretty delicious, weren’t they!?

​Anyways, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do!

​Noa & Dario