Postpartum anxiety hit me around the second week of my sons life. I was in constant fear and overwhelm that something was going to happen to him which prevented my husband and I from ever leaving the house (among other things!). 

I knew I needed help when Carol Anne said “anxiety becomes a problem when it prevents you from living your life.” 

I knew right then and there that I needed to find more support so that I could be the kind of mother, wife, daughter and version of myself that I was confident and proud of. 

While everyone’s experience of postpartum is different, my hopes is this piece of my story will help to bring comfort to anyone who might be feeling anxious or alone. 

Note from Carol Anne:

Megs is a former client of ours and owner/found of Owner/Founder of and She is a life coach, Reiki master, yoga teacher and is now a mom! I asked her if we could share her incredible podcast here where she talks in depth about her experience with perinatal anxiety. Thank you Megs for your honestly and courage.

Listen to the episode about Megs’ Postpartum Experience (click here)