With our second child’s birth, we wanted to have different experience.  We signed up for HypnoBirthing class and absolutely loved Carol Anne and Sarah! We wanted to avoid medical intervention this time around.  We wanted to hire Carol Anne and Sarah to be our doulas to support us in our Hypnobirthing experience.  I am so glad we did!

Sarah was on call and she was absolutely amazing!  We would not have been able to have the birth experience we wanted without her.

She is kind, caring and amazing at her job! We are so happy that she was part of the birth of our baby girl. We could not be happier and more satisfied with the birth experience this time around.

We highly recommend HypnoBirthing and having doula support! Natural, pain free birth is very possible when you have right tools and support!

All the best Sarah and Carol Anne!

~ Salla, Byron and Ada