Once we decided that we wanted to try for a natural home birth, my husband and I began discussing how we could make that happen. Being pregnant with our first child, we had no idea what to expect and how we could make our hopes for a home delivery come true. When we first met Carol Anne, she was speaking at a Birth Options class through our midwifery clinic Midwives of Headwater Hills. Like most new parents, we always thought a doula and midwife were the same thing – only realizing that this was not true after speaking with Carol Anne.  Carol Anne listened to our concerns and explained exactly how she could help. We took her business card and followed up that week, where both Carol Anne and Sarah came to our home to further discuss our questions and concerns.

When Carol Anne & Sarah were at our home, we instantly felt comfortable with the both of them.

Their cheerful and fun personalities were a great match for us! They were knowledgeable and sincere when listening to our expectations and I felt safe knowing that they would be at our birth, supporting both my husband and I through this unknown journey.    ​ When the day finally arrived, my husband called the labour line to let our doulas know I was in labour. Within a very short time, Sarah was at our home – talking to me through every contraction and reassuring me that everything was progressing nicely. She held my hand and never let go! 

During the entire process I felt empowered and in complete control.

“Sarah’s calming words, encouragement and reassurance gave me the strength to endure my labour. When our baby girl finally arrived, healthy and safe, words could not express how thankful and grateful we were to have Sarah by our side. I truly feel that having Sarah at our birth contributed to my positive and short labour. I didn’t think I could have my first baby at home, naturally, and I did it! All thanks to Sarah!”

Having a doula at your delivery is something that you will NOT regret! We were extremely grateful to have them by our side before, during and after our labour.

With much love and gratitude,
Love, Bryan, Jessica & Kensley