I took your HypnoBirthing class in November/December with my boyfriend Tyler.  I just wanted to finally write you guys and tell you THANK YOU! 

Your class turned out to be the best thing Tyler & I ever did to prepare for our little man!

Because of your class I was able to stay at home till I was almost 5cm dilated. We arrived at the hospital at 10pm and Mason was born at 11:46! I was on the fence on doing a natural birth (though I’ve always wanted to) but because of how fast he came I didn’t much have a choice! 

Your classes helped me so much with my breathing and staying calm, not to mention the fact that they helped Tyler talk me through transition and help me stay calm when it came time to push.

It was so amazing to be able to give birth exactly the way I always planned and that is all because of your classes!  I’ve recommended to everyone I know. Thank you again for your part in making our birth the best it could be!