Carol Anne and Sarah were incredible supports throughout my entire pregnancy. They were always a phone call/text away whenever I needed to talk, ask questions about procedures or just vent about some of my worries. Beyond support they provided me with evidence based research, information and helped me think through some of my pregnancy/postpartum choices. 

I was most nervous about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding was something I really wanted to do but no one in my family did it. Taking their breastfeeding course helped me feel so incredibly prepared and having their support right after delivery and in home afterwards was huge. I truly believe it is what kept me going when I felt like giving up. 

Fast & Furious!

My birth was fast and furious (as Carol Anne says), so it wasn’t what I was expecting but having her and my amazing husband there supporting me and coaching me made all the difference.

My husband still played a very active role during delivery, having Carol Anne there was an added bonus (who got cold and wet towels for my head when I was getting small breaks between pushing….thank you so much for that)! 

Having a doula is like having a birthing coach that is in your corner completely, they are there for you the entire time.

For me it gave me peace of mind, I trusted Carol Anne knew what to do and how to support me. I would highly recommend a doula, for me it made for a very beautiful and memorable birthing experience (with a lot less stress). Also, they captured some pretty incredible pictures…so that’s just another bonus.

new mom holding baby, partner by her side