I had the most amazing birth experience with Lifetime of Love doula Carol Anne (Sarah was also a great support during our prenatal visits). I found them through Facebook, and didn’t know anyone personally who had used a doula before, but the idea sounded amazing.

We thought about it for a while, and we were honestly on the fence about having a doula because this was our third baby (we should know what we are doing by now we thought) but our second daughter was born 10 weeks early via c-section and it was a very traumatic birth experience. So we decided that the extra support would be a good thing for me.

One of the best decisions ever!

During the prenatal visits Carol Anne and Sarah went through my fears, and what I wanted for this birth with me and gave me the confidence I needed to believe in myself and my body’s ability to birth a baby naturally after a c-section and the reassurance that even if things didn’t go according to plan, they would be there for me. I ended up having to be induced due to low fluid levels but with the help of my doula Carol Anne and my midwife helping me to advocate for myself, the obstetrician let me proceed with my VBAC birth plans.

Having a doula there during my short and very intense labour was the best thing ever!  Seriously, she was amazing!

Between keeping me hydrated and helping me through every contraction, she was my rock when I sent my husband out to get a birthing ball and my labour all of a sudden got very intense in his absence. She also took amazing pictures for me at my request of my son being born which was so priceless.

Carol Anne knew what I needed before I knew what I needed!

A lot of the end part of my labour was a bit of a blur, but I remember one moment where I was so extremely grateful to have a doula by my side. I was breaking down and ready to give up, my labour had gotten so intense and painful, I remember crying saying I couldn’t do it, when Carol Anne said “Look at me. You CAN do this, you ARE doing this!” in the most empowering voice. It gave me the strength I needed to go on.

I had the most amazing healing natural birth. I would recommend these amazing ladies to any of my friends who are having a baby, I wish I had them for my first two births!

​Thank you from the bottom of my heart!